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C-Gears 2-18

screenshot of the scene

Author: conundrumer

Group: Phunlets

Filesize: 60.58 kB

Date added: 2009-07-25

Rating: 7.6

Downloads: 5288

Views: 2074

Comments: 18

Ratings: 15

Times favored: 4

Made with: Phun


Scene tag

very powerful gears
Last edited at 2009/08/18 04:11:39 by conundrumer
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Responses to this scene
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Title: [Phun/Algodoo] Circle gears generator
Rating: 8.6471
Filesize: 27.98 kB
Downloads: 3554
Comments: 23
Ratings: 28
Date added: 2009/08/06 22:26:46
Made with: Phun
Rating: rated 8.6
Nice i like how they move at super high speeds
I've been needing these, thanks.
nice i thin i will use them
Brilliant! Thanks! 8|
Major Convenience
umm unneeded
phun 5 has a gear tool
and I saw this idea on youtube sos
3/10 due to non origonal idea
Well excuse me, can phun gears run at >600 RPM? And have you seen anyone post these gears on phunbox? I think not.
If you're saying that people can make it by themselves, they would have to take a course in trigonometry in order to make the gears run at high efficiency, or else you mind as well use the default gears.
In addition, I haven't seen anyone use the water-hetero layer concept demonstrated with these gears.
oooh Alex got pwnt.

10/10 for intense usefulness.
Very nice! Ill definitely be using these for my creations!:*) 10/10 For usefulness and ease of use!

oh btw i think on gear 8 u forgot to take the blue circles off water collision
but that is such a minor thing

Excelent gears! now i can start thinking on a decent gearbox

lol i agree alex 22000 got pwnd. 10/10 for great use , will be using them a lot:lol:
lol I did didnt I
but I didnt tyry them out cause im lazy but I see now I wish I could change my rating D:
Let's call it C-Gears, ok. Like Circle and Conundrummer -)
actually these are pointless--if you have 2 default gears that have a density of 100 then they will run at 600 rpm (I just tested it):tdown: pointless waste of time, i think ill just stick to default gears
Last edited at 2009/08/24 16:57:14 by i will invent
@i will invent and then when you put your 100 density gears on a mobile object, I'm sure you will be able to make realistic light weight transmission system:bonk: .(sarcasm)
Last edited at 2009/09/14 22:36:41 by Chaos24
Egh, i would just use friction gears. Saves me the lag and the weight. But circle gears are good too
I never figured out how to make them and im just trying to make high-strength low-slip chaindrives (which turned out pretty good) Look at my scene "very reliable chaindrive"
Do these work at 17990 RPM? Yes, I said seventeen thousand, nine hundred and ninety revolutions per minute. Thats the top speed of my spring engine. It just goes waaaaay too fast to use anything else, and it doesnt put out enough torque to drive a wheel directly, but it puts out that unrealistic rev so gearing it down should make it useful.