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Thanks! I've had Phun and Algodoo for a while but never thought to get an account
He is walking slow because he is sneaky, but other than that i probably agree with you. im not really good enough at phun and scripting to make cool stuff.
awesome job! you should try to make a spawner version, so we can blast away without ammo worries!;)
okay then.....:s
Last edited at 2010/11/30 20:53:50 by N4Suhr
I love the ripsaw 8/10 cause the real ripsaw is way faster than that.
It took about 2 minutes to go 100m so at 20 minutes per kilometer it would have went about 1,080 kilometers in 15 days. I think... 10/10:tup:
Last edited at 2010/12/13 15:01:00 by N4Suhr
It worked fine in algodoo for me, once you got it going! excellent engine. :) 10/10! p.s. Please make a manual version then it would be perfect!
Last edited at 2010/12/27 04:42:41 by N4Suhr
Gotta love the easter eggs! great bike!
I approve! 10/10. do mind if i use it to make a car like the one from the newer indiana jones movie? that ford desert-rod thing?
because this is a perfect base.
Last edited at 2011/01/30 13:16:37 by N4Suhr
YES! I want a REAL one!
This walker is really good! really mobile! :) But for love of god use normal controls! (wasd & arrows) good job though!