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Aprilia Dorsoduro Quater Mile Race with timers and Ninjas

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Author: EPR_89

Group: Default

Filesize: 2.89 MB

Date added: 2010-09-02

Rating: 5.8

Downloads: 1971

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Comments: 7

Ratings: 3

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Made with: Phun

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That's the scene I originally wanted to introduce this bike with. I think I used too many parts at first (over 2000), so that I couldn't upload it. That's why I decided to upload the timers and the bike alone. But since it worked now I uploaded this scene as well. I hope you like it.

Mike got himself a new bike: An Aprilia Dorsoduro. His new friend, Russell - the cameraman at the set of "Pitch Payne" and the only person willing to scrape him off the ground after the scene -, saw the bike and was speechless. Never before had he seen such beauty distilled in two wheels a seat and metal. In short: He got one too. Being the speed freak that he is he tuned it a little bit. The only problem is hat he might be a speed freak, yet not much of a mechanic.
When he asked Mike to compare the two bikes on the Sprint section of Jameron Speedway it was only logical hat the stuntman did not agree at first. So Russell started to tell him the story of that fathful day at the set of "Pitch Payne" again: How Mike fell thirty meters, how he hit a scaffolding and tumbled down, basically ripped in two. His conclusion that Mike might not be the one he would listen to when it comes to questions of personal safety seemed very logical to the stuntman and he agreed happily.:coolgrin:
However, before they went Russell placed some phone calls. Who could he have called?

What awaits you:
The Aprilia Dorsoduro.:drool:
A new outfit for Mike (I named it Roo. Try to figure that one out:lol: )
A track that is exactly 1/4 mile long.
Three sub-second accurate timers. Two scripted digital ones - The script is Text={"" + sim.time} - and one analog one. The analog one is at the start because it has some very small parts. Everyone who has worked with small things far from the center of the scene knows that this can be very problematic. It covers twelve minutes and does that very well.
A few details. Look around, with the scene running.

Maybe the scene runs a bit slow on many computers.

Actually, I just wanted to brush up the bike because I realized that it didn't look like the original at all. I wanted to make it as accurate as possible and did some research. Stats time:
Weight: 209.53 kg, which equals the original with some fuel.
Top speed: 217 km/h
What's missing? Right, acceleration. I only got the data for 1/4 mile, which was 13.4 seconds. So I measured the distance and built a timer (and I may say, it turned out to be a pretty good timer *taps own shoulder*). The idea of a quater mile race was simply inevitable. And since a drag race alone would be rather boring I decided to let my mind off the chain and had him come up with some sick ideas for details.:bonk:

D = accelerate
W = front brake
S = rear brake
shift = realease bike
B = erase blood
<- and -> to rotate Mike's upper body (don't expect him to make wheelies. It's an enduro, not a trial-bike.)

Let me know if you find any bugs.
If you want to use anything from this scene (Mike, his Dorso, my adjustable timer) in one of yours just credit me.
Please comment and rate.
Have Phun!


Update: Unfortunately I cannot use the latest version of the bike in this scene. The changes to the suspension would cause several problems (colission group related). If you want the best version download the official release. Sorry for that.
Last edited at 2011/12/25 10:01:30 by EPR_89
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Finally. It worked.
I'd give you a ten for taking the time to make a nice looking long describtion and not a smiley spam. Thump's up for you mate ;D :tup:
:) :D :*) :blink: :blush: :bonk: :coolgrin: :lol: ;)
That's "Thank you" in smiley language (At least I think it is. Could be that I caught a strange accent when I visited smiley land).
My favorite parts were, "I'm a ninja! (Ninja appears.)" and the part where, "Ninja was here." part. There was a lot of humor packed into this one!
INFINITE AND BEYOND/10!!! (Naw just kiddin' I rated 10/10 since I can't actually rate that... :bonk:
Last edited at 2010/09/12 05:46:10 by DC-Roussey
i thought the modified bike was supposedly worse than yours

software looks wacked though lol
Gotta love the easter eggs! great bike!
I liked part with ninja. 10/10! This is the best motorbike race scene I ever downloaded.:lol: