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Awesome, and cryptek, i used ur model and put it up a knotch. The new feature i added was a crushing wall that comes from the top, Nice work!
Hey Belching. Thanks for making this Landmine, I used the main explosive in it to make my own Artillery Warhead. :D :D
Ur so mean!:s :angel: :tdown: )|( :grr: :(
I did. But how do i post my creations?
I just wanna know who Kilinich the Bunny is! Bahhh :huh: :| :( :o :cry:
I notice the on the scene pages, i find many common creators.:D <_<
Plz fix the hammer swinging action. :/ :| :( :o
Make Angry Man with Multiple Weapons!!!!!!_o_ _o_
the whole place is scripted to make all solid bricks turn into liquid on certain impact
That earth saving tool would end the earth when installed:o :|
Can i borrow him for my golfing place? :*)
Cryteck, maybe you should put the ants in an ant hole first
LOL, bounced off the wall without exploding, ...not anymore
Absolutly Brilliant!:angel: _o_ _o_ _o_
can anyone try out making a nuclear fusion bomb on algodoo or phun:*)
Aaaaagh, teh debri is hitting our mortah, ahh! REALLY
Pro, can i borrow one
but it seems to forensic
Seems quite like a vositile substance simulation, good work:tup:
PRO_o_ _o_ _o_
LOL flamer
Fail square explosion
not realistic enough.
define 'thyme'
too weak when it detonated, just impact, no strong explosion
fail explosion,
WOOT_o_ _o_
nuclear propultion does not neccesarily mean using nuclear bombs to create force. it mainly means that it works on its surroundings or generates its own power. anyways, well done.:D _o_
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