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Thanks s_noonan ive added another scene with youre idea and i gave you credit in it!:lol:
nice idea just needs to space them closer together:D
hey this made it into the highlighted scenes thanks everyone!:lol:
Kilinich!!! Please answer me a simple question:( how do you embed videoes and sush into the description of scenes. Is it HTML or some other method? ive been looking for an answer for a long time.:unsure:
TO: whatthefat

Why are you saying that? is it that you didnt have a need for it if so dont bother rating it.

Or is is beacuse it is not working? if thats the case tell me whats wrong so i can attempt to fix it!

Try not to be so negitive without an apparent or valid reason! )|( )|(
Last edited at 2010/12/26 00:02:39 by dak47922
Great job! 10/10:)
ok thanks
thanks I wanted it to be as high detail as possible :P
Yeah when i say HD i MEAN it that 5.61 mb is pretty much just the picture!

BTW thanks everyone for the ratings!

P.S. the dimentions on that picture is: 2547 x 2275!:lol:
Wow thats all i can say wow wow wow wow wow wow! i am definatly sure with time and a few minute changes this scene WILL make it to the "popular" section on the first page!

RATING: I wish there was an eleven! (10/10)

NOTES: I have favored and subscribed, keep it up!:cool:

P.S. very few make it in to my favorites! congrats! this scene embodies what phun/algodoo is all about: determination, brillince and of course imagination!
Last edited at 2011/01/01 07:32:49 by dak47922
At the end where did the car go? All I see is lots of metal particles raining from the sky!

LOL Great job!:coolgrin:
HA HA HA UM... OK:lol: