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Ye, the lagg is inevitable because of the amount of particles. You can just delete some, but I think it's more spectacular the more particles there is.
Last edited at 2009/03/30 19:04:35 by Livirus
I'm glad people are playing around with my scene.
Woah, nice caterpillar!
I enjoyed playing around with it. You could do almost any turn without much trouble.

Only complaint I have is that the suspension broke when too much pressure was applied or when you bent over touching yourself.
Nice game:P
I found a gold, but how the *** do I get up to the end?:D Really fun game anyway. I think the blob should somehow be able to die, makes it more exciting.
Sonic, haha I know that feeling.
Haha, yey for recycling the poo:P
Ye, sorry I changed the design of the lightpole without trying if it works haha. I've fixed it now.
Last edited at 2009/04/13 23:47:51 by Livirus
Haha maybe that obstacle was a little hard.
It's pretty easy when you know how to do.
I'll give you a little hint...
Use the lightpole.
Last edited at 2009/04/14 00:25:37 by Livirus
No idea what it does, but it looks cool.
Nice Frank!:P
If I'm gonna make another level I'll make it a little easier.
Probably not breakable, if done in scale it would kill your computer. But you could easily make them breakable by using cut tool.

Nicely done. I wanna go visit Burj Dubai someday. It probably costs a fortune to visit though.
Last edited at 2009/04/14 18:29:47 by Livirus
I'm glad you liked it. I've started working on a second level. The new level is more about technique then brains. You'll probably see it here in a day or two.
Nice use of attraction!:P
Liked the game, a little slow though.
Really cool actually.
Gah this one was hard. Nice obstacles!
>Lamborghini boi
I tried that, but the pin came lose by itself now and then.

Ye, I heard you. I'll look into it.
Very cool lock
I liked that crossway wheel.
"Daddy! Nice wheels!"
Nice! Ye, like fnorgen said, every other shot gets stuck when reloading.
It didn't explode inside cannon for me though.
btw, I'm just curious
Was my grenade a source of inspiration when designing the explosive shell?:)
Looks like you've partly used the same technique.
Thank you!:)
I've been an idiot though. You can just set the attracting objects to "No self collision" so you can put them in the exact same position.
Liked the suspension. The wheels seem too heavy though.
Speaking about giving credit...

Is the original idea possibly from Conundrumer?
Last edited at 2009/04/21 23:01:31 by Livirus
Haha inventive!:P
Doh! Haha you got me!
Another beautiful crashcar.
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