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Yeah, I made it after paradigm249's tutorial on youtube, so you can see where the quality is comming from. ;)
Thanks :)
Wow thanks everyone. I'll make more.
I'm making a new scene like this one. Oh, and I apologize for the 3D Earth explosion title. When I first saved this scene I didn't actually know what will I do with it and I didn't plan on uploading it on the internet. So I'm sorry if I am wasting your precious time.
I do, I just have to upload it.
The point of this game is to stay on the train for as long as possible. But you can delete the bumps, just set the plane to the back and delete the boxes that are in the floor.
Awesome :)
Holy shit, that fire is so awesome!
Aha! Now we know who's responsible for the closed airports all over Europe!
Last edited at 2010/05/20 17:28:27 by xmaster360
Sure you can, just mention me in the description.
Wow. Sure. Yeah. I'll make more.:)
Then just set the black hole to killer.
You must press numbers on your keyboard not in the game, if that's what you mean.
OK, I'll try to make a plane.
Sure, maybe you can mention me in the description.
Nice, you made this scene more fun than I did, keep it up.
I'm sorry because it's taking so long, but it's almost the end of the school year and we had a bunch of tests this week, so it's hard to concentrate on making new stuff.
As for Situation Critical 8, I made something, but then I deleted it, because it didn't work out to well, but I'm already making something new.
lol, I'm getting famous :)
I was looking at this, and I'm thinking OK, that's nice, then I zoom out and I'm like HOLY SHIT!!!
Not so soon probably. I'm kinda experimenting with new stuff.
I know, I'm taking a million years to make something :(
Lol, this is great, you could make big scenes like this.
I download the scene, I press play, maybe follow given instructions, the ragdoll gets on the other side. You are free to play around with it.
This is really fun!:)
Wow, this is simple, but it's really good.
Safety first
You may edit/alter the scene at will.
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