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Ultimate Destruction Race V!

screenshot of the scene

Author: Dare

Group: Default

Filesize: 0.62 MB

Date added: 2010-06-20

Rating: 7.9

Downloads: 19131

Views: 3160

Comments: 38

Ratings: 29

Times favored: 3

Made with: Algodoo before v1.8.5


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Sorry it took so long, but here it is! Ultimate Destruction Race V, with aircraft!

This was very difficult to do with planes, because i couldn't put suspension or make them fly. Without suspension, the bumps destroy the aircraft quicker.

But I am quite happy with the result. This time, you have to race across islands and volcanoes, on the ground!

Anyway, enjoy and Have Phun! ;)
Last edited at 2010/06/20 11:30:01 by Dare
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2 hours of pure awesomeness!!! :o :o
2 hours? I think you mean minutes, but thanks ;)
How do you do the blinking parts? :s
Last edited at 2010/06/29 19:31:25 by originalx
it is a very funny scene ...
good job!
>originalx - Just some simple scripting.
Wow, thanks to the person that rated 1. Maybe next time say why. I'll just assume that your jealous.
This is really fun!:)
that guy, dung800. is that the guy that copies every good scenes in phunbox and say he made it? and therace is awsome 10/10
fun I actualy won
pretty awesome. even though it doesn't make sense to make airplanes that don't fly. but it is still sweet. 10/10
>Dung800, I suppose you the one who rated my scene a 1? Well your reported. You can't just rate my scenes a 1 for no reason.
acctualy... he can. if he downloaded it and dint liked, he can rate it 1. but if he rate all ur scenes 1 then he'l get muted for a month like i did
My plane actually survived. Awesome game. But I tought the planes should be flyable :bonk:
With flyable planes, that could be really awesome
>davidz - I know it might sound easy to make flyable planes, and it is, but I could not make the other planes fly. They fly by themselves, and it would be extremely difficult to give them an independent flight path. Besides, it wouldn't be very fun if your plane was the only one flying.
Thought they were flyable :/
Ha Ha I love finish:love: :tup:
>RusInventor - Yep, waterfall! I'm glad you liked it. And I'm am also glad to see you comment!
all you scenes end in an explosion of racers at the end. LOL they dont fly.I use phun and was surprised that it worked. all the algodoo scenes NEVER work for me...:/ anyway...long story short, is an ending that is long and rambling...:zzz:
I hate it whan good scenes are rated 8-10 because it wont go up anymore when i rate it 10
Wow! Awesome! 10/10!:tup:
how do you do the blinking parts?:s Becase I REALLY REALLY RELLAY WANT TO KNOW!!!!!!!!!!!:lol:
do number 6 with pickup trucks!!

p.s. 10/10
Nice one 10/10:tup:
Really nice! although i liked the previous ones with cars better. so 9/10.
How about making #6 more of a downhill type. Maybe even with cars without motors, only brakes. So you have to break enough to survive, but let it roll fast enough to win. Just a thought:)
You should try to make the next scene with actual flying planes. Even if it is just a weak geom controller, it should look good enough. Or HELICOPTERS there always cool. you could even add WEAPONS...:devil: Anyway I hope you like the ideas. Good luck with your next scene. ;)
I like the waterfall at the end of race. Good work, Dare! :) 9/10
Last edited at 2010/12/07 18:44:07 by Simppa
what is the airplane that does not fly?:(
this is awesome
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