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Your rocket it glued to the background. You have to loosen every part and re-fixate everything to eachother.
Already did =P
Controls would be nice.
Too many of these lame tower destroying scenes. All you did was copy two other scenes and add a couple of crappy shapes :tdown: 2/10
I like it, but wheres Jupiter, Neptune, and Pluto? 8/10
I like how the tower collapses to about the size of a bus :P Very nice scene 10/10
Very nice. Ive been doing things like this in Phun for a while now, just generating small circles with attraction. Its very interesting to watch. If you set the attraction/mass to higher, then the balls will clump into "stars" and will sometimes supernova.
Last edited at 2009/05/15 20:00:44 by oopsurdead
His creation is showcasing the flaws in Phun. I liked this creation cause it showed me how screwed up the air is. Hes not having a cry, hes showing how broken air physics is and telling Emil to fix it.
First off, awesome gun =D 10/10
Im just wondering, Im making a top down zombie survival game and I want it to be mouse controlled. I checked out your script and its awesome. Do you mind if I use it (and give you credit, of course)?
The wheel with the motor cant touch the ground so this doesnt qualify.
When I tried that it didnt work. Did it work for you?
EDIT: Yeah, that only changes the color based on the value of the time when the command was issued. The collide is necessary to make it update itself.
Last edited at 2009/06/05 02:31:18 by oopsurdead
Okay, that works! Thank you!
Kinda laggy but fun to watch.
You should raise the attraction, though. The gravity of the planets is rarely enough to pull them into a circle.
Obviously you cant see the planets because its to scale. You have to press the buttons to zoom into them. If you want I can always make it bigger. Also, what do you mean nothing works? I didnt add any orbits yet.
Last edited at 2009/06/14 16:20:27 by oopsurdead
The planets didnt disappear, they're just really small because they are actual sizes, just scaled down.
This is very good, 9/10
Doesnt lag at all on my end =/
Actually, I doubt it. Its just a couple of blocks and a few lasers.
The containers have -10 attraction =P
They only breed when they collide. And they collide simply out of chance.
It takes a few seconds for them to start breeding. Try waiting about 5-10 seconds before colliding them.
Go for it! As long as you give me credit for the base then Im fine with people modifying my scenes.
One of the variables in the circles controls how many offspring they produce before they die, so you can raise that to allow them to multiply. I left it at one so that the boxes dont get overcrowded.
Last edited at 2009/09/26 20:15:59 by oopsurdead
I doubt it, it doesnt use any Algodoo specific features. What isnt working?
This isnt a quad core processor, this is 4 AND gates :tdown: 1/10
Sequel? How? Is he going to do one for the Pentagon or something?
Hey I think its cool. Jrv2005 is biased, Im sure if this was the CN Tower or some other country's monument he would not be complaining.
Jrv2005: You're acting like this guy ACTUALLY blew up the Empire State Building. I see that the American propaganda has made you afraid of Russia and their people.
Ehm, what exactly do we have to make?
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