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Empire State building destruction

screenshot of the scene

Author: Messiah

Group: Russian

Filesize: 2.98 MB

Date added: 2009-10-15

Rating: 8.2

Downloads: 84323

Views: 12345

Comments: 58

Ratings: 30

Times favored: 5

Made with: Algodoo before v1.8.5


Scene tag

Finaly I made The Empire State Building

Load the scene, erase the image and press play and meteor will hit the building!

IMPORTANT! Please set gravitation level to 17.50, if its not!

!!!!!!!!!!!!NO STEALING!!!!!!!!!!!
!!!!!!!!!!!!!PLEASE COMMENT AND RATE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Have Phun!:)
Last edited at 2012/09/16 10:35:40 by Messiah
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-Bulding looks very realistic.
-Revolts realistic.
-Environment is texture but suitable climate of NY.
My last work didnt approach under your criteria?:)
Messiah, you're russian?:s
Woa sow realistic its scarry .. nice work! :blush:
What the hell is your problem? Do you have some sick obsession with destroying American Monuments? What the hell is wrong with you?
Hey I think its cool. Jrv2005 is biased, Im sure if this was the CN Tower or some other country's monument he would not be complaining.
Oh, I'm the biased one? I'm not the one blowing up other countries monuments, specifically ones that have actually been attacked by terrorists.
nice one 10*
Sgt. Pepper, yes Im russian)

Jrv2005, why sick?? dont be so nervous
You think that directors of many catastrophic films are sick people? and you think that people who watch this films are sick to? maybe you sick then...<_<

oopsurdead,Michiel313 and LShome, thank you:)
Really good! 10*
very nice i hope you continue your path of destruction_o_ _o_ :tup:
Thanks, I will:coolgrin:
The Empire state building wasn't attacked by terrorists, was it?

Any way, this thing is sweet. You can easily adjust the hinge strength, which is nice. 9/10 :tup:
Jrv2005: You're acting like this guy ACTUALLY blew up the Empire State Building. I see that the American propaganda has made you afraid of Russia and their people.
chaff, As I know it wasnt been attacked by terrorists... tnx:)

oopsurdead, exactly)) tnx)

By the way, Im not from Russia, Im from ESTONIA, but I talk russian...:lol:
destrrroi amerikan pigs!!! >:O
just joking ;]
a ok thanks messiah
for what?
wow i like this but i have been on the 102nd floor of that building it dose not look like it a lot but still that it very good 10/10:) :coolgrin: :tup:
Well I havent been on the 102nd floor, so I dont no exactly how it look like...
What is that suppose to mean?:huh:
Great Scene!!! btw wheres ESTONIA???:s
Estonia is in North Europe, Baltija, Where is Baltik sea:)
Отлично )
Спасибо )
I've uploaded a 100% real time recording of this scene to youtube! please comment and rate it. view it here:
btw, awesome scene!
10/10, favorited, and subcribed! WOW!
Wow thanks crytek! :)
I am doing right now video with my World Trade Center scene and I will upload it on youtube:)
Also you can watch what I've already did :)
nice! I watched your video and rated it 5 stars! btw, I just uploaded an awesome movie I made with algodoo! check it out! and please comment and rate.
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