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Very good, but doesn't last long. I'd be interested to know how this operates.
Great work!
Very good concept. The design would be better if it had longer range. Nicely done:)
Nicely done but sometimes screws up when fired to quickly
Also you might want to try a simple weight equalization device (pretty much a heavy box or ball attached to a circle with a motor; have the motor spin when the vehicle is going forward or back.

Overall through nice concept. What are you planning to do with this once the bugs are worked out?
Last edited at 2009/04/02 08:03:08 by 1storange
Maybe you should try adding addition legs? Or perhaps segmented feet?

Just some ideas.

Also I found some pieces that aren't necessary (as far as I can see), for example the two purple circles and the red and green box assembly. Are these just for show, or do they play a part in the operation of the machine?

Last edited at 2009/04/02 20:34:46 by 1storange
Looks good works well but looks a lot like Gamma4027's design. :o
I apologize, upon closer inspection it is quite unique.
The grass is breakable... It leaves about 0.1 M of grass on the ground, and the rest gets thrown out the back. But thanks for the response!
I have noticed that on the response you added more pieces to the grass, yet it appears you have turned on "killer" so that the grass just disappears. Although this is cleaner, it isn't very realistic.
Last edited at 2009/04/10 09:07:10 by 1storange
Thanks! It's encouraging to know not only my computer slows when I run this. I appreciate your feedback!
Last edited at 2009/04/10 13:28:08 by 1storange
That's a good idea. I didn't see the point as it was already pretty stable (its pretty heavy) but it would make it more realistic.
@ meek : Where you driving when it fell over or did it just go?

@ all: Benner: Thanks! :*) Looking over your stuff, it's amazing compared to mine. _o_
Last edited at 2009/05/02 08:41:02 by 1storange
Not very realistic (impossible to fly with a large protrusion sticking out the top) and I've seen many of these already posted. Check before you call things "First" :huh:
You directions are kind of screwed up, its "left" to deploy the cable and "right" to take up the slak, and it's kind of slow (deploying the cable and all) )|(
Very nice, smooth and reliable. A little off by my watch, but still good:).
Yes, it does employ the same principle as yours. However, I did not copy yours. Like I said, MANY people have done these, and if remember correctly, yours employed a principle the Tank had posted.

Short story,
Pretty much everything is a copy of something else. Grow up.
@ Kilinich: Did you hold the "m" for approx. 3 seconds?
@ Them34 : yes, I never desinged it for human flight :lol:

But no, I could not get it stop stop spinning. I'm working on an updated one that will (hopefully) fix these problems.
Thanks dragon I'll update the instructions. I've identified the problem as when the rocket accelerates, all the fuel is pushed to the back of the tank because it is not attached to the rocket. When this happens, it all gets pushed through the engine at once and the spinning ensues.
Very nice does the "blade" use killer?
doesn't work:()|(
Couple of problems with this:
Your killer geom block underneath kill the plane it is sitting on, and your assembly falls though the air. Secondly, your rocket is glued to he launch )|(
Very nice, but you should consider jet engines and such. I have one that I would offer to you, but it's very unstable at the moment<_<

Also, the directional controllers are not strong enough for a proper test, but problems I noticed when I fixated it (for the sake of keeping it up).
1. The missile doesn't have very much power or range; also, when fixated, it flies backwards, but I assume when it is flying this would not happen.
2. The gun cannot change direction (up and down really) and sometimes stops firing after about 6 shots (is it a circle spawner?)
3. The pilot bounces off the tail when he is ejected (ouch!) (this one I did try when flying)

And the parachute is great!

Good work over all.
Last edited at 2009/05/14 08:30:17 by 1storange
Yes,i'm working on a "flying wing" design which seems to develop lift without VTOL engines, but It ALWAYS flips.... I'm working on it.
well done
How do the engines work?
I converted your slug into a basic detonator grenade. Pretty reliable but not much power. You had better be a good shot to use this.
See my scene response. It should work in your gun (I never tried because I couldn't figure out where to load it )|( ) but it should work because I used your shell.
Yes, It's not my luncher. Someone made a luncher but the grenade wasn't explosive, so I made it explosive like they asked. That's why it's a seen response.
Nice, reliable design. Good work:) Might you try to make an ammunition belt for it:o ?
It's pretty simple. The wheels spin, moving the balls around in a circle. When they touch either the red or blue block, it changes their density so that there is always wight "flying" forward.
Hey Nxdt, can you give me some help regarding the on collide menu? I'm trying to get it to change collision groups for b-c and from c-b, but every time I press enter it just reverts back to the default.
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