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bing bong this is spooky.
I approve
it’s not algodoo glitches, it’s glitches from like call of duty or something like that, I put in glitch examples. Hope that helps!
wait I just realized thing extreme lol
check out the original
also credit to thing extreme
can you help me how to do the layers in the sky please? I don’t know how to do it. You don’t have to!
Impossible. The Nokia is a cheap one made from CHINA.
yeah but don’t the power lines connect with ropes?
Did you make this pixel by pixel? If so, that’s AMAZING!
but where’s the ragdoll
You went in the glitch zone, it takes a while to go there, so you may have been gone for a WHILE, don’t worry, it’s not common.
it’s common*
so I moved the texture and I saw you lol
can you add buttons for mobile? I cant fire the main gun but at least it runs really well somehow
Hey can you add ALL the controlls to the keyboard thing? because I’m on ipad and I can’t fly it so I have to use drag with no rotation.
you didn’t give credit to thing extreme so you might get it banned
oh, so bassicly, I still have SOME control over the helicopter with the keyboard thing like, there’s this like arrow set button and when I tap it it gives me controls hope this helps
and also like what I mean add all the controls that you said that it would be on the thing like desc or something
this is so cool
when I try to mess with the fence
I get confused
because my Brain registers it as like 3D ya know?
Also I would like to see the door model!
what I mean was that I don’t have the throttle
it’s sussposed to be like that.
now all you have to do hit detections and it perfect lmao
lol I over flowed a ballon and it popped
ooo! Cool!
I would be better with people inside but you don’t have to add some!
Now I don’t wanna go TOO deep and I know there isn’t a lore, but I just thought of one!
It’s was a normal day, kids were going home, and there was this one kid who lived near a home.
One of the kids dared the bus driver to go backwards (towards the cliff) but didn’t want them to go too far.
But.... the bus driver went too far,
Half of the kids died, 10 had major injuries.
The bus driver almost died.
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