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Crashable Attack Helicopter Weaponized

screenshot of the scene

Author: ThingExtreme

Group: Default

Filesize: 4.11 MB

Date added: 2020-10-08

Rating: 6.1

Downloads: 13306

Views: 983

Comments: 31

Ratings: 3

Times favored: 0

Made with: Algodoo v2.1.0


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If you want to use ANYTHING in this scenes, PLEASE give credit to me! Only then will you have permission and will you avoid being accidentally banned!

Remember the backup file that I made for my work-in-progress crashable heli?
I've made quite a lot of progress, and one main addition is weapons! (you can now finally wreck from above).

*Weapons (machine gun (infinite ammo), barrage missiles (38), and guided Hellfire missiles(8).)
*Color Selection System (lets you choose a color and texture for the helicopter)
*New Destroyable Props and Structures
*New Visual Effects
*Test Map (I discarded the mountain, it was too tall)

*Pilot Ragdoll
*An Actual Mission (At this point it's just a free roam)
*Better Anti-Aircraft Enemies (SAM (Surface-to-air Missiles), enemy air support)
*More, Less Laggy Destroyable Targets (Tanks, trucks, aircraft, buildings)
*Better Visual Effects

Anyways, wreak havoc on the map to your heart's desire.


W/S = Throttle (Keeps the Helicopter Flying So You Don't Have To Hold tht Up Key)
A/D = Tilt (To Move)
Mouse = Aim Machine Gun
E = Fire Machine Gun
Q = Fire Small Missile
F = Fire Guided Hellfire Missile (Guided by Mouse)
Ctrl = Toggle Aiming Lasers

Tags: Break, breakable, crash, crashable, destroy, destroyable, tank, car, truck, cannon, gun, turret, barrel, crush, smash, smashable, army, military, explosion, blow up, bomb, missile, building, tower, track, test track, free roam, course, race, desert, war, drive, realistic, script, scripting scripted, bridge, tower, helicopter, helicopters, plane, planes, explode, apache, plane, planes, humvee, hummer, soldier, air force, attack helicopter, fly, bomb, anti-air, air support, black hawk down, scene
Last edited at 2020/10/14 00:44:17 by ThingExtreme
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really good! but one question how did you made a skin changer?
JustJacob Overall it was prettty simple. First I made two global variables and made so when you click the buttons it changes the variables to it's own color and texture.

onClick = (e)=>{ = color; = texture

For the parts of the helicopter, their color and textures were the ones of the variables.

postStep = (e)=>{
color =
texture =

I could have also made a variable for the textureMatrix.

Feel free to use this very simple code!
Hey can you add ALL the controlls to the keyboard thing? because I’m on ipad and I can’t fly it so I have to use drag with no rotation.
xSuperVelax11124 I don't know how Ipad works, can you specify?
oh, so bassicly, I still have SOME control over the helicopter with the keyboard thing like, there’s this like arrow set button and when I tap it it gives me controls hope this helps
So you want it to have arrow controls? That's easy to add.
and also like what I mean add all the controls that you said that it would be on the thing like desc or something
Do you mean you don't get the throttle system?
You have to hold down W key to increase throttle. He helicopter stays up at about 50% and starts rising around 60%. You have to hold down S key to decrease throtle and go down.
Does that help?
The controls are in the scene too.
i have another question how do you make crashable cars with auto brake? bkz if i make like that it is glitches and totally crashes my game.
JustJacob It's easy, select the axels and change the legacymode to 0 in the scripting menu.
why the missile shoot backward whan i used mirror tool?
and also can you make flak turret that shoot flak round?:s
To lokyinng:
1: When you mirror a box, it doesn't change direction with the mirroring, so it now faces backwards. I recommend not mirroring it yet, because it breaks everything. I will fix that.
2: Flak turrets are a pretty good idea! I will need to figure out how to make them explode within proximity.
why do you deleted some skins?
JustJacob It was a mistake resaving the file on Algobox, it accidentally saved an older version. I fixed it now!
oh ok thanks for fixing it!
very fun to drive!
hey sorry for asking but how to make explosion like it?
I gave you the Redragon IDA keyboard
watch my profile
for thingextreme
please make new scene
First of all, WOW. I really appreciate how much time and effort you put into this. It is the coolest thing I have ever seen on Algobox. Great Job!
what I mean was that I don’t have the throttle
this is really good but the heli is hard to control sometimes
right on par with the stuff algodoo used to have on the box. automatic 10. love you :tup:
when new map?
idk man,
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