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Directional control isnt very stable, but its an awesome build!
Ya know what I think? I think this is seriously disrespectful of those who lost their lives in such a tragedy. Aphysics simulation and you have nothing better to do than recreate the horror we all felt on September 11th.)|(
Actually it doesnt work.... it throws the projectile straight up in the air
Way too many controls...

Use a plot on one of the horizontal magnets, even if you drag-start it, it loses energy like a normal wheel with friction:bonk:
Can y'all learn some english please.....
Left and right arrows work
Your chains are missing a couple links
Hmm, this looks kinda like the one *I* did
Good mechanics, bad time
This is not your typical "trailer" scenario... this one has multiple pivot points, whereas a majority of "tractor trailers" only have 1 pivot point.:tdown:
It stop several times during movement, you got something binding up
It would probably help if you froze the 2 boxes that fall when you start it...<_<
When I loaded this scene, it reset my Algodoo to default "factory" settings!
Hmm, I 4th that motion