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in leg 3, theres a orange stuck under one of the alternators.
bear marble rahe evefr uv thwe hgistoryt od algiovcox
Okay sorry
I vote Blue, Red, Yellow, Black, Green, White, and Pink
(67th) Violet
(66th) Dark Brown
(65th) Balloon
(64th) Goldenrod
(63rd) Hot Pink
(62nd) Tracer Yellow
(61st) Gray
Sorry, I meant to say Dark Pink.
This looks alot like a lathe...
(60th) Magenta
(59th) Wood
(58th) Lavender
(57th) Orchid
(56th) Night Sky
(55th) Stone
(54th) Silver
(53rd) Tracer Red
(52nd) Teal
(51st) Brown
(50th) Rope
(49th) Sky
Lavender, Sky, and Night Sky rejoin!
(51st) Iron
(50th) Black
(49th) Rubber
(48th) Dark Orange
(47th) Dark Maroon
(46th) Red
Well, I guess you are satisfied w/these big packs, and you want more...
I decided to cancel this series, sorry.....
Just kidding!
(45th) Navy
(44th) Dark Purple
(43rd) Turquoise
(42nd) White
(41st) Petunia
(40th) Goldish
Okay Harris, Every time I do a new part of EMR, I make one of these executions for the worst-placing marble eliminated in that part. Navy was the worst-placing victim from Part 5 so I executed him.
(39th) Gold
(38th) Olive
(37th) Ivory
(36th) Emerald
(35th) Bronze
(34th) Tracer Green
(33rd) Maroon
(32nd) Purple
(31st) Cyan
(30th) H. Magenta
(29th) Glass
(28th) Upload
Best creator IIIDorianIII
Best YouTuber Jack Spero (jspero77 on Algobox)
Best functionality Luka's AMR S4
Best detail Fen555's MR S5 on YouTube (erikfassett on YouTube)
Best race MLMoyman33's AMR S3
(27th) Sky
(26th) Tan
(25th) Lavender
(24th) Yellow
(23rd) Dandelion
(22nd) Beige
(21st) Dusk
(20th) Green
(19th) Pink
(18th) Smile
(17th) Orange
(16th) Lime
Eliminated marbles:
(15th) Blue:(
(14th) Scarlet
(13th) Tracer Blue
(12th) Folder
(11th) Dark Yellow
(10th) Lemon
Eliminated marbles:
(9th) Snow
(8th) Fushsia
(7th) Ice
(6th) Night Sky (Last Rejoiner)
(5th) Lilac
(4th) Clear
1st: Moss
2nd: Steel
3rd: Salmon
The series is over yaaaaay!:)
Oh, I have an idea: Add Ultramarine (colorHSVA is 255, 1, 1, 1)
You forgot raspberry
Marbles have a circumference of about 1.57 meters :nerd: