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MarbleRaced's Marble Race Pack 3.0

screenshot of the scene

Author: MarbleRaced

Group: Default

Filesize: 290.3 kB

Date added: 2015-10-24

Rating: 5.1

Downloads: 17220

Views: 1953

Comments: 25

Ratings: 3

Times favored: 1

Made with: Algodoo v2.1.0

Marble Pack

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Last edited at 2015/10/25 16:10:14 by MarbleRaced
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Hey MarbleRaced, honestly, I think you should use my way of elimination. It's a lot eaisier to make other than just having marbles kinda not get in the tubes.
Nah, beginners will have trouble learning the scripted things, I decided to keep things lucid.
Umm.. i gave you a gift in exchange i used your pack. i made a chart of your 20 marbles. Thanks!
Brown is a bit darker
Lavender has a hue of 280
Hot pink was rose
Hot pink has hue of 315
Green is slightly darker
Thanks MarbleRaced:D
Hope Algicosathlon Day 6 comes out
Also, yay! you are on my team in MarbleGroupLTD's camp (I am Samer Gamer)
You made a mistake
In the path description you put thi instead of this
Well, can you use it as a more advanced elimination in your marble pack?
Oh, and U FAILED!

You don't bring the stuff to the folder with the globe! You bring it to the folder with the red car! :bonk:
Just let me have my own pack please XD, and it would just not be as creative. Just have your own! I am not liking the way algodoo is now, because of people posting pointless scenes I feel now this will cause more. (BTW 50 Subs on Algobox!? HOW?)
I liked your tools John Dubuc;;)
You should add a thing where the marbles have to go through water. Maby a water bowl. A bowl. Just underwater. Or a marble aquarium, Essensially a box with the top made so only water can collide with it. Marbles fall through the top and make it through the water to the bottom. Add a side-tip saying "Spinners have a long range effect here!"
And maby more scripted blocks. Maby a laser that makes the marbles bounce upward. Actully, Elevators. Unlike the lift shown here, This has lasers that, when hitting the marbles, set there velocity streight up. And have several of these so the marbles get bounced up into the next laser, wich bounces them up again. Also how about a 0 gravity thing, That makes the marbles completly weightless (density the same as air) This would be interesting to use, Though it would require some lasers in the thing to push the marbles forward. Same script as before, Just forcing the marbles forward. The lasers here would be seperate "0 gravity un-jammer" And would be placed manually. When using this, It would recommend you to put these shortly before obsticles in a way that they cover the area just before the obsticles and entirely on the y axis, It would make the marbles have enough momentum to get through.
Also (i know im posting alot) Some sort of thing where the marbles gain an ai? Like maby so they could be in a maze. While this would be hard to pull off, it would be neat, I myself ( MoBuildsAPP ) Put the seal of approaval on this... Its in the parenthenstees. Whatever.
25 marbles idea - Rainbow, black, grey/gray, white, transparent, red, orange, brown, yellow, pink(red with 50 the second value 50 percent), Yellowish green, lime green, dark green, aqua, dark aqua, cyan, dark cyan, sky blue, blue, navy, purple, lavender, pink, maroon, magenta.
64 marbles:
@MoBuilds Cool ideas!
Awesome stuff!
can i use this for my recreated bad time race:D
To build courses, I recommend to use a grid (I discovered, that the marble has a diameter of 0.5 (about 1/2 of a meter)).
Im using these in mine I won't forget to give credit!
try to use my pack
Marbles have a circumference of about 1.57 meters :nerd:
Lol i have a beginner pack for algodoo noobs OwO
also check out my other games;)