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I made an offroad audi course with the car, I lifted it and added a spare, and I have about 100 downloads! Thank you, JoshTGM!
Nice job on the Cossie rear tho.
43.86. What's yours?
Wait... remove all terrain and you get a 16.93.
Wait... with a little hack your time is -2.99!
Yeah, it has the underpinnings of a beetle.
Couldn't get it above 273, time was 132 sec.
Need to do a 10 Min. challenge for a car.
I think the cars are a pontiac GTO and a ford sierra cosworth. And a little red hotwheel. The very most silly thing about the lesabre that is not here is the car phone.
10/10! Nice job!
The crushed car is a late 90-s Ford Escort or Ford Taurus. But it's definitley a Ford.
ya 10/10 for the tutorial.
btw this doesn't work
Lucas, thank you for making all of the cars that you make. One thing that I was wondering: could you post a scene showing the way you do your suspension? Mine never works. Also, 10/10! Great car!
Also: Please do either a 2012 Jeep Wrangler Rubicon Unlimited in dozer! Or a silver 2002 BMW 330CI with the M Sport package and the dealer installed spoiler. Those are my dad's cars... or a black 1998 Ford Escort SE (The one with massive headlights and taillights), which is my mom's car.
1987 BMW 325I in silver...?
I will mainly upload from the CarBASEMAIN
I would appreciate it a lot if you guys gave a 10/10 rating! Have fun playing!
How do you make a speedometer?
Bill Cipher, take a left in the intestine and the second right past Mars on the Magic School Bus
I rate this 10/10
My dad had a bronzit '87 325IS. It caught on fire a few years ago
more like 160
how to mek lef sprengz bend
sohc, i see
does this work in algodoo