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very nice, i've tried to put some weels under it and it runs perfect. You should put this to good use! :)
nice one :tup: ,
If my computer could handle water better than it does i'dd be driving this for hours.
I ended up driving it for almost an hour!
Sometimes it looks like it has lost it's mind :lol: , but that doesn't change the fact that it 's an awesome machine. :tup:
this makes everything in phun so easy to do :P
pretty stable,
I'm also trying to squeeze every little bit of flying-potential out of airMultFriction-change.
very good plane,
the elevator trembles a bit, maybe if you could correct that. It would make it even more stable.
It cannot go very fast, it just goes up pretty strongly. Dont you need speed in a wing?
very clever,
I'dd once tried to do this without scripting but it didn't work.
(Why didn't i come up with this system :grr: :lol: :lol: )
This is one of the most perfect segways I've seen here! _o_
For a minute i thought that you created the most awesome and stable segway ever, then I saw the invisible wheels :P
Nice work,
these are the things I can have fun with for an embarrasing long time :lol: .

(BTW, if you want to disable gravity you can just use {Sim.gravitySwitch = false} somewhere in an oncollide-script)
very realistic,
though there are some problems when you use them and let the weels spin at the same time, I think, once you've made them a little bit better, everyone should use them on there realistic cars and bicycles.
whoever invented it, did some good thinking! :tup:
i'm suprised it doesn't run faster, objects of the same collisiongroup that are inside of eachother normally jump out sooo fast, i didn't think it would be controllable.
looks good,
I think it could be quite hard making a railway with multiple trains since you only have 2 dimensions. If you would want 2 trains to pass each other you'dd have to do it trough the air.

It is possible though...
tried to make it fail ... didn't work :lol:
It's made to bugless :P
though I'dd like to dedicate one of the worship-guys (_o_ ) to Kilinich because his K-probe is more than half the work in this scene.
looks cool, works good, no remarks :P :tup:
The concept is good,
maybe if you could make it a littlel bit more stable :)
It's about 10 000 km/h I think, that's quite fast. :tup:
looks good :tup:
looks awesome, works awesome ...:tup:
works pretty good,
As long as you don't try to land, then the ammo explodes inside of the helicopter and the helicopter explodes:P
I was just driving it when it suddenly exploded and started twisting around :o . When it doesn't explode, it works pretty good. :lol:
extremely phunny :lol:
awesom walking:tup:
After a while it faild on the orange plane. it's defenitely not bad. :)
wow, this is amazing, you must have spend months on this :tup: _o_
copying (several) things in this scene really makes it interesting
nice game :tup:
smart concept but it needs to be stablised :)
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