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"uh the HST is not european and Ariane is a european rocket"

I know it. It's not a real mission, it's just for fun. But the next one will be more real, i hope.

"It really helps if you make controls sequential with rockets using the numbers 1-9."

Yes, but the rocket is automatically guided towards the orbit, For next mission, the LM and saturnV will have this option.

Thank you for comment !
On the earth o_O
I love it xD thank you !
Très bien fait, c'est super marrent de rajouter des obstacles... 10/10 ! et merci;)
amazing !!!
hey nice one ! please try mine too !
xD funny, thanks !
Very nice ! It's my fav bike race. thanks ! :)
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Thank you:).

Yes i would make a video, like for my last mission.

it will explain buttons and the "how to do.."
very cool !!! thank you:) and subbing !
"when i load it it has a spaz attack"

???? what kind of??

"where is the jeep??????????????????"

You can pilot it when you're landed on the moon
Nice one, good idea xD 10/10
Nice one ! how did you make thoes lights??

10/10 :tup:
Haha I still love it XD thank you^^ 10.
Awesome !!

Very funny and usefull, thank you:) !

good idea dude !!
Not XD
Awesome ! but why didn't you make a thing about find a key to go out? :rolleyes:
I hope that you will make another version:)

10/10 anyways
There is no finish, so where are my 20$?? XD
Nice one :) but maybe not enough options :( H:huh: ave a look into my channel about space missions, i made an iss too^^
Why not, but 3/4 of the mission takes place in orbit with a lot of operations, there is nothing to do into atmosphere.
Very nice work that deserve a 10/10;)
I didn't push it:). ! :tup:
XD np^^ thank you to try my scenes:)
I made it in 34 sec :lol:
Good luck :lol:
amazing 3d
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