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(Phun)Ford Focus rally...

screenshot of the scene

Author: S.B.P

Group: Default

Filesize: 459.28 kB

Date added: 2010-01-10

Rating: 9

Downloads: 19069

Views: 7108

Comments: 34

Ratings: 39

Times favored: 3

Made with: Phun

Ford Focus,

Scene tag

(Does not work well in Algodoo!! Run with phun instead)
Ford Focus rally car with Speedometer and more + track.
It works the same way as the mustang, but it have some few more things like:

-Car shadings
-Braking and headlights
-Almost precisely calibrated speedo and tach.
-Gear indicator
-Fuel tank
-and track...



Q = Neutral gear.
R = Reserve
1 = 1st gear
2 = 2nd gear and so on, up to 5.

delete+f for stoping fuel.

Try to finish the track before u run out of fuel (Low RPM's is a good idea)

Ps. It's not supposed that you have to drive much fast, because if the car crash, speedo and tach break easily down.

Pps. If u run out of fuel u have to re-download the scene, sorry.

have Phun.
Last edited at 2010/01/13 20:27:42 by S.B.P
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Title: ford rally + MORE FUEL!!!
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Made with: Phun
Rating: rated 6.6
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i do like the colors!
the suspension is a little softer than it probably should be
its ability to keep rolling is insane (i ran out of fuel just after te bridge in second gear and it rolled al the way to the finish, even over the big hill thing
it flies thru the air at low speeds
i like the rims
the front disk brake slots are WAY TOO BIG
btw: i dont have to redownload when out of fuel, just press the undo button
keep up the good work

* i give you a 9.5/of ten after corrections (for now 8.759:bonk: )
Last edited at 2010/01/10 21:07:43 by sheepborg
wow thats relly nice! but u could make a version with infinite fuel cuz idk hot to put it myself. 10/10
but wait there is more:
for your script box you can have one collision do the work of all the collisions required to do one thing
just type your script into the oncollide and if you need it to do more than one thing use semi colons to seperate stuff
{ = 1; = 24; = true}
ohh yeah thats true... Thank u:)
Can you tell me how you are able to use keys to make the speed faster? I'm not that great at thyme
Cool, you're growing up!
1) Again Tachometer shows something not related with RPM (we call it parrots:*) ).
You tried to do something with it, but it just sets on max after start. I recommend to change design - make tachometer to control power more precisely and remove script from arrow torque.
2) Fuel use not related with speed/acceleration or anything - it's just a timer. Maybe better connect it with engine RPM?
3) I can't read that signs (brake, etc) - I move too fast.
this is really cool, and u didnt even use algodoo to make it! :lol: this is a realy awesome scene, 9/10. i was wondering how u made the wheels so accurately? did u use a grid or sumthing?:*)
1st gear doesn`t work for me it sits at about 800 - 900 rpm but when it goes into second its fine... good job i like it 7/10
hayden.hanly what do u mean?
It's working fine for me?:s
Perfect used scripts! Drive like real!
o.O speedometer spins whole time:D .....
after I crashed:*)
Royalblue: Take a look on youtube, u can find a great tutorial.

Kilinich: Thank u very much, but what do u mean, the tach just set on max?? Are u running with algodoo or phun? The rest will i try to fix:+
Edit: Try with Phun, that should fix the most of the problems...

Dare: No im just making a circle and give it a center hinge, then im making the pylogons and fixate them to the circle and turn it around..

matawin3: Fixed.

Roman: Thanks:)

Mr. crash: I think that if u crash with a car IRL the speedo will not work perfectly:lol:
Last edited at 2010/01/13 19:32:56 by S.B.P
At the end I did an epic flip and landed.
10/10 very good scripting, mite wanna make it a bit more errr exciting:tup:
The tachometer and fuel demand many completions :s :x
Very nice work that deserve a 10/10;)
Ohhh:o !!
I know whats wrong! :blink:
The tach+fuel does not work on Algodoo.... :(
Scripted springs just disapear in Algodoo.
Plzz try with Phun instead...
Last edited at 2010/01/13 19:56:04 by S.B.P
Algodoo at me the program by default, it is necessary to warn :lol:
On the phun all is comprehensible, in occasion of springs - scripted length works on algodoo, with your stage did not try, but can work
And there is no timer, it all the same rally a little :)
If something is not clearly written, it's a translator :)
On Phun: Really sweet, love the fuel factor, very Smoooth shifting.

Love to have more fuel, some kind of challenging track and go to town!:)
LOL....It's so cool!!!!!! :*)
this is 100% amazing 10/10
only things tht would be cool to have;
more fuel
longer track
slower car- goes a little to fast for the track but its still amazing
if u could help me with scripting that would be amaing
love the headlights
very very very good. i'm very pleased with this scene! 10/10 good work.
it is great!!! I can' t wait to see next scene like that.10/10
can you add lights in the cave i get a little scared when im in the dark:'(
the headlights are just not doing it for

Made it!:tup:
And uhh sorta went too fast second time...
Jumped the bridge:coolgrin:
the variable for fuel is ... CHEAT AHEAD!!!!
10/10 it not bad it is _o_
Rated and subbed to ur awesome xenes!:) :)
tryed to do the same sorta thing with the head lights on my car. can you tell me how you did yours... ps. the scene is great
IMMA CHEATER. I added more feuel!:coolgrin:
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