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I'm from brazil

i'm confuse

you want to make the body?
if want.. do:)
is hard for me because is my first working(not 100%) car
How u make the fire ...when press F it Fire
tell me the variable pls This email is not valid dont add pls
i losed my email...

send a email to

i'll create a new Hotmail
not! i started the car two day before ...too before u post your car
Ficou mto bom kra parece bem realista da pra sentir ate o peso ;D boa heim:tup:
i dont liked
the house seems to disintegrate
not cool
breakable with 3 parts?
isn't breakable it is removable
slow range
do this, but breakable
is nicer
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nossa vc gosta mesmo heim de carros e caminhoes
9794% in algodoo 1.8.0
OMg perfect!
really cool
woww, awesome scene. after some time it looks amazing *-*
I don't know what kind of sorcery is this but I did a scene EXACTLY with this technology of stabilizing some weeks ago. I just didn't upload it, but i'll upload and you'll see that it's exactly the same thougt. Good job man. We, separately, thouht the same thing.

sorry for any misspelling
I want your email, if possible, to talk more with you
talk to me by my hotmail - or by my gmail -

I prefer the hotmail
I need to bring it to 2.0.2 and simplify the code. I'm using the old (but gold) k1Probe. Can someone show me an example of EntityID or Geom - I don't know the difference) to access the data of some body in scene? Thanks.

- Edit:
Oh, it's just "(Scene.entityByID(ID)).pos"/ vel/ color/...
I want to add some smoke according to the power. I saw, recenty, a very good smoke example from Kilinich.
Last edited at 2012/12/15 03:41:19 by carl00s01
*i want to delete this comment*
Last edited at 2012/12/15 03:40:37 by carl00s01
Are those things falling street light? O.o . The scenario is very good, I just didn't like the terrain, it has too much ups and downs. :)
Last edited at 2012/12/16 05:50:13 by carl00s01
i'll try to improve the stability, It's basically because of the high value of force at some situations (often when you are away from the target pos) and the weight of the body. And, "Luezma", I sent you an email. I can talk via Steam too. Windier is my nickname and carl00s01 is my SteamID
Last edited at 2012/12/17 03:08:18 by carl00s01
cool effect, I liked it:)
Take a better screenshot to attract more users.
thanks :*)
Yes, Kilinich! This problem I saw before uploading the scene, but I don't know how to do it - I just have some idea - and I didn't want to spend more time on this scene...If you have any idea about how to do it, I'd like to know.

Edit: I figured how to do it
Last edited at 2013/02/28 07:24:39 by carl00s01
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