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boy, that's good! one more! woo whoo! Yeah!
oh, only yellow survive! hahahahahahalollollollol
is this robot? funny
Wheat&Redstone&Gunpowder&Clay&paper&Sugar Cane
you killers! are you happy after kill one cow??????????
This is horrible!
a flying santa! hahaha
I'm korean! This is good! (The Truck is a Taaegeuggi?)
best contry Top 3: 1. south korea(I live There.) 2. USA(USA&S. KOR .vs N. KOR.)
3. France(but i don't like frog leg or snail! Yuck!)
worst contry Top 3: 1. Japan(You know, I'm korean!)
2. China (korea and china? TERRIBLE!) 3. North Korea(ah, not any More War!)
how did you do korean? Im korean haha
wj gksrnrdlsdlsepdy. gksrmf djEjgrp gkskdy?
i want korean
im korean! It taste good! but where is star candy?
i want bbebbero
저는 대전광역시에 사는 한국인 입니다!ㅋㅋㅋ
의심하지 마세요. 저 한국인입니다.한국어 입력하는 법을 이제 알았네요. 감사합니다.
이걸 보니까 빼빼로가 먹고 싶네요. 우리 집 앞에 있는 CU로!
한글이 좋은 법이여. (내가 왜 이런 말을?) 좋네요. ㅋㅋㅋ
South Korea, Daejeon has 2020Y tram.
its so fast
Where are train?????????????????????????????????????????????­??????????????????????
dltjrdms QoQofhrk gkslfk xhrdl dkslsrk? rmsep xhrdl anjwl QoQofh rkxdms rjsrk?
저 한국인입니다. 맛있는데 별사탕 어디 갔나요?
hey, whats that! 2 cats FLY!
좋아하는 나라1. 대한민국2. 미국3. 프랑스 싫어하는 나라1. 일본2. 중국3. 북한
nan molla
hey! don't come here! It's no complete now!
go! go to play other game!
I'll uproad when it's finished!
now, shoe! shoe!
HEY... Isn't that tree, left of the table... It's the Barshirape!!!!
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