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I can fly up with it, but I can't enter the platform. It bounces always off the edge )|(

Still 10/10
Last edited at 2009/07/22 21:46:27 by Papriko
You said Mario can jump on the enemies to kill them, but my Mario vanishes always when I try. :huh:
Yeah, you could also put them in one big scene.

and igottabomb: You should learn speaking. IN ALL COMMENTS I READ TILL NOW OF YOU, YOU WERE ONLY SHOUTING LIKE THIS! Bad spot + hurting in the eyes after a while.
Last edited at 2009/07/29 18:44:31 by Papriko
8/10, the markers look a bit shaby when the car drives and the engines (I know they are invisible, but not when you mark them) are a bit high above the car...
Hehe, thank you! I think it is still not powerful enough but I am happy you like it:lol:

To make something attract/repel things you simply mark it, choose the menue "Material" and change the gravity bar. You can also adjust the Mass/Density because more weight = stronger attraction/repelling effect. The balls in this Bomb here have Density 200 and attraction -5.
To get values outside the range you have with the bar, click the number above the bar and type the value in.
You must run Phun in the normal aand not in the simple mode to do that all.
10/10 because it is working and it is really simple, but reduced to 8/10 because it will only work when it is aimed to shoot up.
Balls which are stacked into each other. When you press play they shoot away. Already saw better bombs.
The name says it is for Phun, but the info-lines say it is for Algodoo.
@ Phun Adventures: I got inspired by Phall and by a ragdoll I cut in pieces in Algodoo Demo. I didn't see you scene. The next time please think before you start arguing.

I just looked up your scene. It is NOT the same concept. Your ball just gets thrown over a bunch of chains. In theory I could now say YOU stole from MY scene "Random Stuff".
In my game you have to get through a real level. As I said: the next time first thinking and then writing and not first writing and never thinking.

@ miguelamacias: Thank you very much:)
...And you said I would have stolen from this? LOOOL!

btw: what do you mean with "master the curse"? It is almost impossible to fail in this.
Last edited at 2009/11/09 19:31:32 by Papriko
Why I do that? Because my game was also a first try. He did not do any constructive comments. In addition he said I would have stolen from THIS. If you look mine up and then this you'll see that this is a pretty bad lie.

So, he rated me down for stealing. Lets list up:
A tank that rolls through a level and smashes down blocks. Already seen that, so it is stolen. Stealing = bad rating. Finished.

A tank that rolls through a level and SHOOTS down blocks. Also seen that before. Stolen, bad rating.

A third tank. For any reason that seems familiar.... aaahh, it is stolen! Not from me, but it is. Bad rating.
More questions?
I already had that idea a while ago, but never made it, especially not with the 100-pieces-limit of the Demo.
I am happy at least someone else took the time to do it.:lol: 10/10
#coughtcought# It is a nice motor, but sadly not new. There were already some people who did that before. I currently oly remember hans here in this topic:
But I guess there were also some people even before hans.

If you get a bad rating, don't blame it on me. I won't add any rating to this scene. Neither good nor bad.
Incredible!:lol: 10/10
Yep, Link0007 got it. What sense does that have? That's so as when I would write a letter to the Pepsi central with the content "Coca Cola is better". I do not want to discuss now which is better and which not, it's about the principle.
It explodes or jumps up or whatever when it falls upside down.:huh:

All in all nice and interesting engine, 8/10
A statue that you've cut into pieces. Incredible.
Always the same design. You make a polygon that has far similarity to a real monument and cut it into billions of pieces. 1/10
Last edited at 2009/12/24 13:40:56 by Papriko
Good tip, thank you! I'll upload quickly an edited version.
Yeah, it is really unbreakable! I've shot the power down to -200something and then... POOF! Restored! Back to power 1000.

Oh, btw: you don't need to say other how to correct the script. Simply do it yourself and then upload it again with that useful edit-link at the left of the scene title.
Last edited at 2009/12/27 11:53:56 by Papriko
Sorry, but I don't understand this scene. I just see four plains and a ball.:huh:

Last edited at 2009/12/27 12:00:24 by Papriko
Did you define your variable in the terminal (F11 when I remember right)? About so: := #a number you want it at#

Someone (I think it was KarateBrot) said once in the forum that := is bomb-proof. Much better than only a =
Maybe you should bring that to the Forums...
I am a bit disappointed because it does not work unlimited and also not with everything.

But then I found how you did. Nice and interesting fake-idea:lol:. Made me laugh. 8/10
In the version I downloaded was only the orange main piece. The rider and the lights and the seat and about everything else missed.
In addition does it use controllerAcc. When people write something like "Flying Engine" is it usually the point to avoid it.

5/10 because it's your first scene.
In the Ball Creation Script you must write "color" without u, else it won't work.
And you should either use something else than gravity to speed up the balls (e.g. restitution) or put it on a collision layer which is used almost never, such as F or G.

Also 6/10 of me for you.
Hell, that is water! Millions of water particles!
That will also merge the 2 main Lasers... Thanks for the tip!:)

EDIT: Changed and uploaded
Last edited at 2010/01/15 18:47:35 by Papriko
...but who cares if you can write a long text? This is a Physical Sandbox. If you had built something which generates the letters or something like that okay, but just a box with a lot of text written by hand? I'm sorry to say, but I can't find a sensible connection...
Thanks for the good response, I already thought Ragdoll-violence is out!:lol:

@ fivesX: Yeah, just feel free to use the burgers if you think they suit into your scenes.:)
Last edited at 2010/06/13 16:28:29 by Papriko
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