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why don't you make a Winchester? or maybe a colt lightning pump action rifle?
Last edited at 2009/09/28 01:10:58 by Alasdhair
try YURAS12's, they work perfectly.
try working slides, bolts, or actions.
also, a colt lightning rifle, or a FN-FAL would be interesting.
very very good, but there is a killer problem
an aston martin DB-10 spycar
most reliable gun yet, but another selective fire gun wold be cool.
just cycle the bolt, and it should work. thank you for the reccomendations
could you also make an SA-80 skin or a GAU-19 skin
not as poerful as your other guns, but it is very good.
oh. thank you for that information. I will fix it.
oh. thankyou
Very good detail! I thought the SA-80 was an internet picture! could you try an M-14 or M-21. I would greatly apreciate that.
The credit was in Mk.1, so i think the credit carries over, but anyway, the M-16 is yuras 12's.
Excuse me, but could you make a colt M1911A1, or an AK-47 grenadier
oh, sorry.
try an rpd or an rpg 7/law
hunt use google:tup: :tup: :tup: :tup:
what:s :s :s :s :s :s :s :s :s :s :s :s :s :s :s :s :s :s :s :s :s :s :s :s :s :s :s :s :s :s :s :s :s :s :s :s :s :s :s :s :s :s :s :s :s :s :s :s :s :s :s :s :s :s :s :s :s :s :s :s :s :s :s :s :s :s :s :s :s :s :s :s :s :s :s :s :s :s :s :s :s :s :s :s :s :s :s :s :s :s :s :s :s :s :s :s :s :s :s :s :s :s :s :s :s :s :s :s :s :s :s :s :s :s :s :s :s :s :s :s :s :s :s :s :s :s :s :s :s :s :s :s :s :s :s :s :s :s :s :s :s :s :s :s :s :s :s :s :s :s :s :s :s :s :s :s :s :s :s :s :s :s :s :s :s :s :s :s :s :s :s :s :s :s :s :s :s :s :s boooooom
Again, extreme workmanship. Could you make an M-2, or an M1911A1

use google images
Pardon me, but what are you working on, if at all.?
doesn't work in PHUN 1/10 :tdown:
HELLO! is anybody going to comment on this scene! :mad:
oh, thankyou for that information.
Roast Beef: why should you care. This is my work, and nobody is forcing you to download this, or even look at this.
perfect gun. What are you going to make next?
yes, I threw this up in about 20 minutes.
Last edited at 2009/12/13 19:42:36 by Alasdhair
Roast Beef: what do you have against me? what did I do to get you to hate me?
It is a carbon copy of FreezeR's mac10, down to the firing mechanism colors. Give credit for other's work.
what happened to gun skins?
could you make a M10 "long tom" 155mm howitzer?
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