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this has been bundled with the official release already
it's not only the colors, the magnectic field also changes.
i''ve used scripts to make it, it's not so difficult once you get the hang of it ^^
Satriani rulez :tup:
no pictbridge? :o
holy crap
move the water around to see what happens :blink:
quite interesting :o
why dont you make the plane the killer object?
nice idea btw! no more laggy rockets :*)
it's not that diffcult
i dont remember, i spent a few months without Phun... if you say so... :P

sorry for not having that idea BEFORE you guys picked up the featured scenes... :|
cool _o_
it's in the colors menu
also, are you in advanced mode? (options)
Last edited at 2009/03/20 17:00:05 by xxGLHRMxx
well, i personally think it looks better that way
slowing it down makes it soo boring :/
u can hold shift to cut it better
i can give life to my sketches!:bonk:
dude please tell us how to declare our own vars!!!
i tried but it only worked on my PC!

now i'm seeing they vanish after you save it =/
Last edited at 2009/03/21 03:49:48 by xxGLHRMxx
you know that couldn't be done n real life, right?
great job
check my google earth collab, it has a better manouvering system, feel free to use it.
thats more like pneumatics, not hydraulics
but nice one anyway
it's good to see people are still drawing stuff in phun rather than importing textures :tup:
looks good
how about uploading your picture to make you the ragdoll? :+
whoa nice
too bad the springs go crazy after you crash... u might wanna fix that.
how did u save that variable?
u just typed it in the script boxes?
very good
now we need to balance this thing on 2 feet :huh:
e.color should change to e.this.color
:tup: 8| _o_
cool _o_
but it's not switching back to transparent again after the objects pass through the pad
one tip: make some sort of refresh device, like a transparent polygon that sweeps the entire pad at a high speed
EDIT: but that would be tricky to do, as it would disorganize the sensors:/

well good luck ^^
Last edited at 2009/03/23 06:06:24 by xxGLHRMxx
no words
i gotta learn these thyme tricks...
...but i want a red one:cry:
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