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The shell was originally by me. I also made a new version of it. here it is:
I had a hard time finding it too. Its actually in the forums
how did you get the gun to have unlimited ammo?
I use killers to destroy the bouncy thing after it hits the bullet
Yeah, im working on a semi auto like that. Sorta like the bullets in the paradigms's colt 45
Holy Shit thats good!
:) :) :) :o :o
WTF? this suks. Nothing special just mkae a killer under it
shut up, theres nothing against using fixates
Nice, but too many moving parts. Works like a real mp5, though

duh, if it was unrealistic, they would have made a rule against fixates!
why do i need a elevator if i can fly?
To shoot further
I love finding loopholes 9/10
dude what are u on yes it is
O sorry, The Stock is adjustable. Just pull it.
we're not dumb, it doesnt use water for thrust, it uses an air engine
DUDE THATS AWSOME 500/10:) :) :tup:
first one and you're 5! DANG! They should have phun in schools

BTW she said im 5 and this is my first scene for phun
Last edited at 2009/05/03 19:34:49 by poprocks4
i didn't do anything
who rated it a 1?
yeah what he said.

a little buggy
if you want to, just increase the moter speed on the wheels or helicopter. Im no good at scripting
I know. I can't get it to shoot up, though
there's no ammo in it...
BTW the shell is mine
you make a curved magazine that works, then post your comment
I know, it's a prop
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