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Quite Possibly the best MP5 in PHUN

screenshot of the scene

Author: poprocks4

Group: Default

Filesize: 54.5 kB

Date added: 2009-05-14

Rating: 5

Downloads: 904

Views: 1066

Comments: 8

Ratings: 4

Times favored: 2

Made with: Phun


Scene tag

Right to fire

Detachable Red-Dot scope and Suppressor
Moveable Stock
Changable magazine
Charging Handle
Laser (L)
Press Right to fire
:) :)
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zlix,shut up. and gah,EVERYBODY forgets the curved magazine!:grr:
it's not perfect until it's realistic-looking,since it is real.
Last edited at 2009/05/14 21:53:47 by meekl!!!
the 10mm uses a straight style mag, which obvoiusley this is modeled after, cause it's also the only model of mp-5 which uses an external suppressor/silencer. As opposed to the mp5sd.

BTW-it froze my computer
you make a curved magazine that works, then post your comment
its not very realistic is it? 6/10
no,all MP5's... or MP5,since there's only one kind,have curved magazines.
im sorry to say but iv noticed that you use the same firing mechanism in all your guns, all you do is change the skin or look of the gun:tdown: try useing more than one firing mechanism:mad:
Actually, the .45 caliber mp5 uses a straight mag, though it's at an 15 degree angle