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Thanks,and i know the gun fires backwards(i have no idea why)
I totally forgot about that:bonk:
It's really good!:tup:
I'm surprised that you guys like it even if the gun shoots backwards and has many bugs.......oh well....I'll get used to it:lol:
The fly flies............barely.It's still cool:lol:
garret needs counseling.The gun works,it fires straight and it's least in algodoo.
:lol: :lol: :lol: HAHA
He died for some cola:lol: 10/10
Very nice:tup: 10/10
How did you make the ground..move or shift texture? might want to work on the dude(he looks odd) 8/10
Pure awsomeness_o_ _o_ 10/10
it' 10/10
amazing 10/10
I think i am going to redo the plane
Please comment and rate
definitely not complete
2 Kilinich : yes i have used your moving ground script and also the falling snow.
Is it all right with you?
2 All : What do you think that I should improve?
Last edited at 2009/11/17 07:05:52 by shark0151
Oh and the scene uses higher resolution texture, so that's why it has 9 MB
Ummm.....If i give the bike more power he does a wheelie and then he falls.Any ideas?Anyone?Kilinich?;)
I'll try
Done.Bike has more power and better suspensions.It still might have a few bugs ,because my computer crashed while I was ''working'' at it.But I think it is at least a slight improvement.
2 min:huh: ? It's probably your internet connection.You can try getting a download manager,it might be faster.
Last edited at 2009/11/18 14:25:24 by shark0151
I don't see any border ,it's probably an invisible object or something that normally you don't see.Are you sure you didn't open it in phun?I tried it and the borders where all on. Anyway that shouldn't be a problem.
Does anyone knows how to edit the thumbnail?It's annoying when it's off-centered<_<
With a suspension like that off-road seems to be a child:lol:
I can't believe people are arguing so badly on a game
Some,who don't even believe in Jesus, feel offended ?Then what about those who believe?Should we start a riot?We would be like: "shoot messiah!!raaaaah!!!Off with his head!!"
Get a grip on yourself!!!

The scene is nice by the way 10/10
You like destroying things,don' you? :lol:
Thanks, I'm glad you like it.
Hey.I'm a little bit short on ideas, so if you have any suggestions I would appreciate it.
Moto-sand storm or Moto-rain storm?......err.......I'll do both:lol:
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