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I'm currently making the Marble race 2, before 2016 it will be in algobox!
Guys, sorry about the problem, but i'm fixed it! (Watch my other scene):|
Ver 1.0 - Released
Ver 1.1 - Double Organizer released
Ver 1.2 - Trademark
Ver 1.3 - WIP
Ver 1.4 - WIP
Ver 1.5 - WIP
Ver 1.6 - WIP
Ver 1.7 - WIP
Ver 1.8.0 - WIP
Ver 1.8.5 - WIP
Ver 1.9 - WIP
Ver 2.0.0 - WIP
Ver 2.0.2 - WIP
Ver 2.1.0 - WIP (Algodoo?)
Ver 2.1.5 - WIP
Ver 2.2 - WIP
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Yes! And a bit more, but i'm will put the other tools into future updates.
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The start!
Each color have 2 personalities, making them different!
Part 2 is out, check it!
Last edited at 2016/02/05 20:38:20 by Lucas123
Woops, it's 2016 and i'm forgot to upload the MR2...
I'm planned to post this on 29/12/2015, but i'm forgot, so, now i'm posted it.
Also sorry to don't remove the elimination things:P
Sorry if these MR haves other problems.
Official results:

1st- Blue
2nd- Yellow
3rd- Pink
4th- Gold
5th- Gray
6th- Magenta
7th- Lime
8th- Orange
9th- Green
10th- Rainbow
11th- Red
Eliminated (12th): White
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Easter eggs:

-Next event is Dodgeball
-Blue eated the Yoylecake
-The page A2 in the journal are behind A1
-Spoilers! (Duh)
-Magenta curse
-Part 3 released!
Last edited at 2016/02/10 21:20:35 by Lucas123
I'm can only find 2 easter eggs
beated it after 10 tries
Actually Blue eated the yoylecake, Purple is an future athlete, the clover are only for luck, and me, well, makes only a cameo. Also, i'm don't found the bow jar
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If you are speaking of the text in top of White, the text is actually the last words of White before entering in the Lava pit
Argh, school started, this means my scenes will take a long time to makes.

Next day: released 19:20 on UTC-2, Central Atlantic Standard time (16:20 on UTC-5, New York Standard time and 22:20 on UTC±0, UK Mean time)
Last edited at 2016/02/10 21:21:40 by Lucas123
Great idea! But need only little changes...
Don't worry, i'm changed Dodgeball, so why i'm can't change this?
Easter eggs:

-Gold texture in "Mysterious Guy"
Last edited at 2016/02/19 22:49:57 by Lucas123
Ver 1.1 what's new:

-Divisor Organizer, a mix of Alternator and Organizer.
-2 new marbles: Plant and Texture
-More advanced script for Rainbow Pad
Founded the third one.
Ver 1.2 what's new:

-Spot, a limited Closed Bowl
-Ice Bowl, sliding even more!
-Bounce Bowl, it's Rubber or what?
-Launcher, now with a new look
-Smoothier script for Rainbow Pad
-Thing for tests, meaning you can recomend (Or makes) tools for me
Simple, 2 kilos.
Ver 1.3 what's new:

-Double Alternator, 2 at a time!
-Up / Down Snake new textures
-Triple Chute, because the launch never ends
-New look for Carnation Pink (Most knowed as Car Pink)
-1 new marble: Rust
-Start machine, only need to progam...
Easter egg found.
I'm used a ruler to view the height of these tower, and the results:

7224,5 M tall O_O
Wow, cool
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Official results:

Gray still in the top of the Leaderboard, with 460 points.
Green and Orange scores tied, like Red and Blue that also haves tied scores.
Magenta gets eliminated, with 290 points.
Last edited at 2016/02/19 22:56:51 by Lucas123
Sorry for the lateness, i'm are working on other things.
What are "Nanotonium"?
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