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Marble pack maded by Lucas123

screenshot of the scene

Author: Lucas123

Group: Default

Filesize: 1.03 MB

Date added: 2015-12-20

Rating: 5

Downloads: 1173

Views: 187

Comments: 6

Ratings: 1

Times favored: 0

Made with: Algodoo v2.1.0


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Brought to you by Lucas123 industries, constructed alone, do not need credits.
Obs: Includes an +100 Marble Pack
New content: Double Alternator (Left stuck, right comes and both are free!), Up Snake and Down Snake (New texture), Triple Chute (1 is good, 2 are great, and 3 is much), Carnation Pink (New look), Rust (New marble), Start Machine (Okay, stop subtracting circles and put axles on the center! Despite being exactly what i'm maded:P)


-Bowls: Smooth Bowl, Multi Bowl, Bowl, Tall Bowl, Big Bowl, Ultra Bowl, Closed Bowl, Chance Bowl, Large Hole Bowl, Small Bowl, Spot, Ice Bowl & Bounce Bowl
-Organizers: Organizer, Weak Organizer, Slow Organizer, Gear Organizer, Sided Organizer & Divisor Organizer
-Alternators: Alternator & Alternator Door
-Climbers: Ladder , Fast Ladder, Spinner Ladder & U-turn Ladder
-Sliders: Chute, Tube, Double Chute, Swirl Tube, Down Snake & Up Snake
-Moving Objects: Spinner, Stick Spinner, Half Spinner, Orbiting Spinner, Small Spinner, Orbiting Circle, Orbiting Box, Orbiting Bowl, Orbiting Hexagon, Orbiting Star, Gear, Sun, Conveyer Pieces, Linear Transporter Pieces & Cannon
-Misc: Elimination Tube, Button Eliminator, Launcher, Trampoline, Zigzag & Shadowed Text
-Scripted: Color Pad, Gravity Pad & Rainbow Pad
-Requested: TFT & Start Machine
Last edited at 2016/02/17 20:32:23 by Lucas123
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o_o U madded all this?
Ver 1.0 - Released
Ver 1.1 - Double Organizer released
Ver 1.2 - Trademark
Ver 1.3 - WIP
Ver 1.4 - WIP
Ver 1.5 - WIP
Ver 1.6 - WIP
Ver 1.7 - WIP
Ver 1.8.0 - WIP
Ver 1.8.5 - WIP
Ver 1.9 - WIP
Ver 2.0.0 - WIP
Ver 2.0.2 - WIP
Ver 2.1.0 - WIP (Algodoo?)
Ver 2.1.5 - WIP
Ver 2.2 - WIP
Last edited at 2016/02/17 20:24:50 by Lucas123
Yes! And a bit more, but i'm will put the other tools into future updates.
Last edited at 2016/02/17 20:18:23 by Lucas123
Ver 1.1 what's new:

-Divisor Organizer, a mix of Alternator and Organizer.
-2 new marbles: Plant and Texture
-More advanced script for Rainbow Pad
Ver 1.2 what's new:

-Spot, a limited Closed Bowl
-Ice Bowl, sliding even more!
-Bounce Bowl, it's Rubber or what?
-Launcher, now with a new look
-Smoothier script for Rainbow Pad
-Thing for tests, meaning you can recomend (Or makes) tools for me
Ver 1.3 what's new:

-Double Alternator, 2 at a time!
-Up / Down Snake new textures
-Triple Chute, because the launch never ends
-New look for Carnation Pink (Most knowed as Car Pink)
-1 new marble: Rust
-Start machine, only need to progam...