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i already used 350hz before this, but for some reason algodoo decided to automatically change to 60hz, i dont know why. but this should be running on 350-480hz.
The initial firing mecanism would be cocked firing pin and a trigger-like mechanism in the start of the chamber, when the bolt picks up a round and chambers it, a little pin would release the firing pin and fires the gun, and the spent casing would cock the firing pin back. but algodoo being algodoo, it did not work as well.
very gud gun, i did mine by getting a picture of the actual action and then slowly and crudely carving the pieces, then i rounded then up by using spheres and etc.
U are a tallented guy
lol, i actually did notice that my guns opened the action before the bullet leaves the barrel, resulting in a destroyed case and a buch of hot gas in the shooter's face if that gun was firing in real life. I created a bullet and retardant thing but it was very different, also it did not work that well and i just testet in my automatic rifle but never uploeaded it. Unfortunately i formated my computer in the summer and lost that:(. your system is much better than that, mine would require some stuff in the barrel that would be too small for working reliably on low refersh rates. your system is very, very revolutionary, u r a smart guy, keep up the goor work man!:D btw i could try to replicate that if u want but i dont remember very well how i did that.
yeah i even left a comment there!
Oh my, sorry for those horrendous errors, lol, dunno how i didn't saw that earlier.
My scenes are pretty simple tbh, i don't have much time and when i have i play different games, this weekend i gonna try to make a short-recoil system if possible
you are one of the most talented users on this game/site man, always making super well made stuff