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The NEW TrueBlowBack System

screenshot of the scene

Author: Meerkoos

Group: Technical

Filesize: 1.68 MB

Date added: 2016-08-21

Rating: 7.2

Downloads: 4869

Views: 764

Comments: 33

Ratings: 7

Times favored: 0

Made with: Algodoo v2.1.0


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Hi all :)

You may not reinvent the wheel, but you can always improve it. This here is a presentation of a new cartridge concept that greatly improves realism and flexibility of Algodoo firearm animations. Please enjoy.

Also included in the scene is a sneak peek of an incoming, fully functional gun.

Meerkoos out :coolgrin:
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Wow, excellent tutorial. And excellent improvement to the typical Algodoo ammo cartridge! You obviously know your stuff when it comes to guns and ammo. I am a gun geek too. I own a lot of firearms including the popular AR15. :)

Good job! :tup:
@Xray Thanks for the kind words. Guns are a real passion of mine. I didn't know you were a gun nut too! What other sort of guns do you also own?
Great tutorial! I'm not a huge gun person myself, but I do like how they work, and i'm happy you made the bullet atleast 300 times more realistic.:tup:
Woah, thats amazing! However it seems like it would make guns slower? If it can produce the same speed as the old bullets then I think this will be the new standard.

Also, that APS is beautiful _o_
@Meerkoos - I own the following guns:

Stag Arms AR15 (M4 version with added Aimpoint red dot optic, and 30 round magazines)
Glock model 26 9mm pistol
Kahr PM40 .40 cal pistol (my preferred carry gun)
Walther PPS 9mm pistol
12GA shotgun (pump style)
Ruger M77 30-06 bolt action deer rifle with 3~9 power scope.
.22 cal auto rifle
.22 cal pocket pistol

I think that's about it (for now!) ;)

Here is a scene that ngphil did for me: Kahr PM40
Last edited at 2016/08/22 21:49:05 by Xray
@Ultragamer Thanks! To each his or her own interests!

@TheClankinator In theory, this would have no effect on the "speed" of the gun. In fact, it will be much easier to make them faster, since you can fine tune the timing of the components. Also, thanks for your appreciation of the APS! Stay tuned!

@Xray Wow! That is an impressive collection! You are definitely prepared. I want to constitute myself a collection too, but I'm more on the historical side (soon).
If this starts getting used, I'm in deep...
If you make the bullet very light and the spring strong wouldn't that cause better muzzle velocity and equal recoil? A scene with comparations wouldn't be a bad idea

Nice idea anyways
@The Linkage: Yes. The objective of this concept is to segregate the roles of the bullet being projectile AND recoil provider. Now, with this cartridge system, the bullet is just the projectile. The recoil as you mentioned is now controlled by the BlowBackUnit. Therefore, as you said, the muzzle velocity will be higher, but recoil will be unaffected, and realism increases. Thanks for the comment!

BTW, why are you screwed?
Last edited at 2016/08/22 22:55:21 by Meerkoos
Well you said it at the end of the scene :'(
Amazing! :tup:
@The Linkage Haha! The lag machine is set in motion!

@faytree Thank you faytree! Glad you like it.
I hardly ever log in to my algodoo account and comment, but for this I had to. Very very good work.
@satchmo I am very moved by your comment :'( ... Thanks a lot for your appreciation.
I wish I had thought of something like this. This is absolutely brilliant. Nice work!
@ngphil Thank you for your feedback Phil!
Wow point made! I love it, I can wait for your next scene!
@scienceguy Thanks a lot! Stay tuned.
This is just great! Gotta check it out!
@Notarget1337 Glad you like it! I hope this gets used.
Wow, Meerkoos! You sure do have a very popular scene (955 downloads so far!). Nice work!
@Xray Thanks! I was personally very surprised to how well this scene was received. Turns out the community is still pretty tight!
lol, i actually did notice that my guns opened the action before the bullet leaves the barrel, resulting in a destroyed case and a buch of hot gas in the shooter's face if that gun was firing in real life. I created a bullet and retardant thing but it was very different, also it did not work that well and i just testet in my automatic rifle but never uploeaded it. Unfortunately i formated my computer in the summer and lost that:(. your system is much better than that, mine would require some stuff in the barrel that would be too small for working reliably on low refersh rates. your system is very, very revolutionary, u r a smart guy, keep up the goor work man!:D btw i could try to replicate that if u want but i dont remember very well how i did that.
@JetJix Absolutely. A burst case or primer is no laughing matter. It's a shame you couldn't share your scene, new concepts and scenes are always welcome!

Thanks for the compliment! You have lots of potential and your scenes are excellent. Good luck!
Last edited at 2016/09/12 18:45:16 by Meerkoos
Oh my, sorry for those horrendous errors, lol, dunno how i didn't saw that earlier.
My scenes are pretty simple tbh, i don't have much time and when i have i play different games, this weekend i gonna try to make a short-recoil system if possible
@JetJix No worries. Will be looking forward to your scene.
Cool! I'll have to experiment with this method. Everything you say throughout the scene is exactly how I feel about the standard spring bullet. Premature extraction is one of the biggest problems for me when I'm making a gun. This should help immensely! I wish there was more innovation like this on algobox these days. Keep up the good work!
@FruitMonger Glad you agree with me. It is very gratifying to see that the new system solved the problem. Thanks!
thx alot hi i had a year not playing this program and you serve this comcent thanks it will help me.
@danielreynard Glad it did! Enjoy.
I'm suprised with how deceptivly simple it is, it's essentially a second "bullet" that's fired with the first, at a slower but stronger spring speed so the visible round exits first before the invisble round pushes the slide/bolt carrier back.
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