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you can change keys
ok, i build some like automatic version, i change some parts
....and i speed up gun
i add deforced trusters. this trusters terminate engine-trusters power, and engine can"t fly(in v1 him fly like hovercraft when flip for 180 gr.)>>>sorry my ENG<<<
...engine can't fly, by him create more viblation, this give somme realistic effect
Cool. But I do not understand one - why did you do that would be a stowage of shells move? . Well, why the laser I maybe understand. This is for the script to explosive shells, maybe. Could be done laser detector on the gun barrel that would have been the effect of the shot(suppose the fade dist. of the laser is equal to the constant multiplied by a number ,and the number will control the laser which when fired gives 1, and 0 when idle). I actually thought you made a mechanism that will allow you to shoot at any angle. Becouse my gun use gravity for reload. Also - nice explode code, i I don't know how to make code like this,yet, but understand a little of what they give
this new mechanism give any angle for shoot. now this gun can be use like artillery
very careful! i not add timer for keybind script!
careful! if you fall very hard - you will allowed broke tank barrel and her need repair(just return on place grey square)
gun timer not on real time(simtime scripts), his use decrease of constant, so reload controls with sim.frequence and your pc params
sorry my ENG
just one problem - weapon can't shoot horizontal - proplem in springs(so strong)
firstly, you only use Ctrl+C and Ctrl+V: need change script: pos := e.pos and etc...
and timeToLive.... and clear not so needs info
...and don't use killer plank
Iam try upgrade this later(soooooooo later). Need find normal texture(two types: line and rotate) and think about link-motion, becouse on minimal and maximum speed links "shakes".
And actually I make this for other people - you can try finish this idea in youself version of chain.
sorry my ENG
I... just... gives... ideas... for... other... people...
v2 - scene mo' productive(engine upgrade => not need 200Hz, jus default 60Hz(sim freq))
add auto App.GUI.playMode
fix keys on game keyboard(toggle in menu) - arrows not shows necouse arrows used in scripts and game not add arrows on keyboard like controlable motor keys

don't delete lasers on arm
i make new scene, add and change something, but engine not stable(pistons push out), need remake spawn scripts
you can use this like phunlet(any number in scene). if it can't rotate you gun/turret - just increase bend constant in axle script menu
very important - place(attach by bend-axle) to something body(box, circle, poligon or plane)
missiles can destroy moving targets
try create object with a and c collide layers and contollerAcc = 15, attach to background using springs with damping = 0 and drag object to start moving, after try destroy it
works if geom0.angle - geom1.angle = 0
can't detect water
cause water is a particle(not geometry)
danger angle [-85.54,85.4]
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