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oh and btw, 10 mb limit? mwa ha ha ha.... mwa HAHAHAHAHA!!:devil: :devil:
lol im not gonna use textures... i was thinkin more 10mb phun file...

and i am trying to develop a jaunit!

and about the name change - good 4 u but it is a tad confusing :lol:
that was Really cool! i likw how you tune it to the right rpm so it looked static:o
yeah - and i only spent a couple of minutes on that one......
DAMN! =you got the hang of the 3d effect!!! now i have competition8|

let this be a warning to you.... its on.

great scene tho
*sigh* the first bad upload...... its not very good at all... ti just spins randomly and makes a mess with the pens:tdown:

and if im just not getting it, maybe you should have described it more
lol u mention that gun one more time and ill shoot myself with one

anyway, i am making game but it can have a lake if u want:D
so what did YOU do in the game, first comment counts!!
oh and btw, who can see the secret message in the description?
damn i cant keep up with you - well, if you cant beat 'em, bow down to them! _o_ _o_ _o_ _o_ _o_

i might...... okay, the next one can be interactive..... (i wish i hadnt said that, but i do love a challenge...)

so now, if you go down a hole, you will go underground, and so on,,,,,,
this hasnt worked as planned

i could have a sort of destroy key 1+A or 3+B
i need to lower the resolution... they are getting big
i didnt see any problems really, i am going to come up with something that will make your eyes fall out..... :devil:
yeah - i have had a little go at textures, but i hate them, they take up loads of space and ruin the whole point in having talent.... :tup:

remain true to phun
just select one wheel at a time, and press the "transform into circle" button under the sub menu geometry actions.....

your "wheels" at the moment are actually polygons, and therefore are less stable - this will solve your problem:)
Last edited at 2009/03/21 20:06:33 by JaXNash
and yes, that is my drawing...
lol its a corpser from gears of war
and thanks, ill need it

i win

and thanks, i'm glad you think so (below)
Last edited at 2009/03/21 23:35:05 by JaXNash
cool, i might help with the moving barrels, as i need a turret that does the same
WAIT!! before you go swearing at this dude any longer.. THIS IS NOT GROOVY ON - GROOVY ON IS ALL WAVY AND PURPLE so :tup: nice effect.

(type groovyOff anf then groovyOn again, and u will c what i mean)

dont listen to them, they just dont know what they are talking about....
Last edited at 2009/03/22 00:09:11 by JaXNash
sounds good! maybe you can go down in history as the creator of the zaunit?
N/P glad i could help:angel:
:( it doesnt leave menus open like it used to....
since it turns slowly, you could have 2- one cancelling out the other..

this is looking good though! maybe just in time for my 3rd walker!
lol shut up - it just has style:cool:
loll im younger than u
i might try - no promises tho
yes^ paradigm is right, the raunit was special, and i dont know if we will ever get it back :cry:

maybe next time emil will put in a "stabilize" button.....
tres cool!
yes... oh god someone PLEASE invent a stabilzer like th raunit:unsure:
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