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The reason I still use Phun is because Algodoo's chains behave strangely and don't work properly when I put it on a tank.:(
I don't know. I am too used to using Phun. I don't like how in Algodoo you have to right click to bring up the action menu for an object.
Yeah I think Evo's look the best in Red.
It's 139 Metric tons. However I do not build my tanks to their actual weight. I only get them to size scale, and even my size scaling isn't the most perfect thing. >.<
Try to build an FCM F1 Super-Heavy tank. I think it would be easy for you because it uses vertical coil springs. I built one, but it's too laggy on my computer to properly tune. >.<
Last edited at 2014/07/09 01:53:26 by FiveFingerDeathPanzer
I also don't have all that good of a computer so, my tanks are kinda lack luster in fine detail.:P

My FCM F1 Build was too laggy to properly tune so, I don't think it performs properly.
He swiped the engine from somewhere else too. .n.
What did you expect? It's sanic.
Pretty much.
You have no clue how hard that is. I would need to know what every individual part weighed.
Yeah mine aren't so scaled weight. That's hard to do in Phun. x.x If you knew how that would be great..
Because Algodoo 2.0's chains eat balls and my computer is equal to garbage.
It's cause I have been making them for a while. So I already have a fuckton of tanks made. I could probably completely flood the front page with my tanks. I actually did one time and one of the mods took them down and said to only post 4-5 at a time. So if you look on my profile there is like a Gap where like 5 tanks have 0 - 3 downloads because they weren't featured on the front page.
I'll try it with my next tank, the one after my M4A1 Sherman.
This is terrible. I had to plunge it like a toilet. Did you even test if it worked before you posted it?
Some of the tanks have smoke effects, But they are simply tracers connected to the exhaust. If you could tell me how to make better smoke that would be cool too.
Would this work in Phun V5.28?
My tanks work on Phun, but not Algodoo. I have a computer with a bad graphics card and a Semi-bad processor. So I can't make a cog wheel with teeth because that would cause me to have more polygons on the track. Which is the thing that pretty much determines how the tank performs on the computer. If my computer could handle it I would. But I need to stay within my computers performance limit. Any tank over 300 or so polygons will begin to reduce frame rate. And if I have a track that has a crap ton of polygons and collision layers. It's gonna be murderous on my system. I could make a tank that detailed yes. But I wouldn't be able to tune it because the performance is bad. That happened on my FCM F1.
Download another then
It's actually not too complex of a rag doll. I drew out all the pieces of his body and alligned them up, then I put hinges to hold them all together, after that I put 2 springs on each side of the hinges that way things weren't twirling around through himself. I put invisible fixed shapes on places like his elbows, knees, hands and feet, to prevent those particular limbs from over flexing. It was a long time ago that I built this so I don't remember all the collision layers. I would recommend highlighting him and going into the appearance tab, and dragging the transperency to 100% so you can see all the springs and hinges, and where those shapes were placed. Or easily enough remove his head and change it. xD
Marble races suck what's the point?
Um no, not "Prototype build" more like "I stole this and didn't build it."
Why no Motors?