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Marder III Ausf.M Tank Destroyer

screenshot of the scene

Author: FiveFingerDeathPanzer

Group: Phunlets

Filesize: 122.65 kB

Date added: 2014-07-06

Rating: 4.5

Downloads: 1438

Views: 191

Comments: 9

Ratings: 2

Times favored: 0

Made with: Phunlet


Scene tag

Left and right arrow keys to operate. Down key engages neutral.
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I see that you are new to Algobox, but you had already created many scenes. Why do you still use Phun? The latest version of Algodoo is free and available to anyone. The problem with using Phun is, your scenes do not work very well when played with the latest version of Algodoo. The tanks (for example) fall straight down and continue falling forever! Most people use Algodoo, so your scenes will not be useful to most people unless you convert them to Algodoo.

Welcome to Algobox!

Xray (Admin)
The reason I still use Phun is because Algodoo's chains behave strangely and don't work properly when I put it on a tank.:(
Try searching in the Algodoo forum. There are a lot of posts regarding chains, and you may be able to find one that can help you resolve the problem with Algodoo chains. If you log-in, you can ask questions, and maybe someone will help you with that issue.

Once you start making scenes with Algodoo, I don't think you will want to go back to using Phun again, especially if you get that issue with the chains resolved!
Last edited at 2014/07/07 00:25:41 by Xray
I don't know. I am too used to using Phun. I don't like how in Algodoo you have to right click to bring up the action menu for an object.
Well, it's your choice but keep in mind that NO ONE who uses the latest version of Algdoo (which is MOST everyone) will be able to play your scenes. You will have a very small group of followers!
I also don't have all that good of a computer so, my tanks are kinda lack luster in fine detail.:P

My FCM F1 Build was too laggy to properly tune so, I don't think it performs properly.
But nobody has a problem with my Phun cars in any version of Algodoo, so why wouldn't his tanks work? Maybe because they are Phunlets..
When I start this scene, his tank immediately falls and keeps on falling, like forever. I believe that you are correct about it being a Phunlet. So maybe if he would save it like a normal scene instead of like a Phunlet, then it might make a difference. Can you try that FiveFingerDeathPanzer?
I'll try it with my next tank, the one after my M4A1 Sherman.