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Sorry:( . Don't quite know yet how to use blueprints, but I did the best I could. But it works well, doesn't it?
But did you still get it? I will see if I may some time fix it.
Edit: I just fixed it, and the round no longer jams in the barrel.
Last edited at 2010/02/15 21:02:29 by ngphil
something must be wrong. Ill look into it
I found nothing wrong. Are you guys using phun?
You have been ... SPYING on me? And I thought I was not well known... XD

By the way, the military issue version will be available soon. It will have a laser pointer and full auto.
Last edited at 2013/09/02 07:42:06 by ngphil
Nice... this is brilliant use of thyme scripting.
I love solving this. The color scheme is difficult to get used to when you are used to the standard European color scheme, where if white is up, and red is front, then blue is right, green is left, orange is back, and yellow is down. white opposite yellow, red opposite orange, and green opposite blue. this puzzle displays the Japanese color scheme.
I rated ten just because this is pretty damn awesome and funny!
I actually have never seen your rocket. My inspiration was a design NASA scrapped before it was ever used. I decided to use a similar idea, with SRBs to assist in takeoff.
Absolutely incredible!!! The internals are slightly different from those of a real G-11, but it functions very well. The burst on a g-11 are so fast that the tri-burst ends before recoil takes any effect on the shot pattern. This demonstrates that capability pretty well, with the shots recoiling back quicker than the bolt can hit the stock. 10/10: you earned it!
This gave me a REALLY good idea. 10/10 for inspiration and creativity!:tup:
I really dislike attempting to make things mouse controlled via scripting. I will be releasing a version that uses keyboard controls here in a little bit.
That would be 0 on the number pad. I will check it and update it
Hey, this is pretty cool. I remember using these mechanisms a lot when I was fairly new. They are pretty reliable, and quite quick to make. Realism, however, is quite poor with them. 9/10:tup: :tup:
3-round burst is actually a semi-automatic mechanism, but it requires the addition of another selector setting that deactivates the 1-round semi-automatic disconnector, and an interruptor that makes the weapon capable of fully-automatic. The argument works for both sides, as full-auto is possible if the burst-disconnector fails, but it utilizes the same mechanical principle of a typical disconnector.
This is pretty cool!! I would, however, recommend using some kind of glider effect instead of thruster-stabilization (e.g. RAwing or K-Wing. There may be a few others I do not know)
10/10. I looked at the mechanism for this, and it is incredibly reliable! May I use some of these concepts for my future NG-PSP-2?
Hey, would you like to come up with a good skin for this? I will admit: I am not one to make things look all that great. I prefer for it to work well. I see so many scenes around where the objects look great, but they function horribly. If you come up with a good skin, I will add a stamp with your name onto a plate somewhere on the AR, as well as indicate your work in the description. Sound good?
You call this "half-assed" and a "piece-of-crap," I call it "simple, yet elegant." This deserves an outstanding rating for how well it works despite being built quickly.
This is actually not bad, but just underdeveloped. It has potential, so don't ditch it. Work on it and give it some updates. 9/10
Well, I will be honest. The mechanics are indeed simple. However, if you look at a true pump-action shotgun or rifle, the fore-grip does not actually push the shells or rounds back. A spring in the tube magazine does that, with the action disabling a catch that holds the shells in the magazine. Using cams and some other mechanisms, as well as timing, the rearmost shell will be released, but the one in front of it will not. The mechanisms to actually feed the shell or casing into the chamber only activate when the fore-grip is pushed forward (using a dog that pivots back and forth, but applies leverage to the carrier (the bar that tilts up towards the chamber) with forward motion. Take a look at my NG-SG-1. It's mechanics are far from perfect, but the skin can be moved back so you can reveal the mechanisms and study them. I give your scene 8/10 for a great effort:tup: , but under-developed mechanisms are what kept it from being one or two points higher:/.
GREAT!! post a reply to this scene with a skin, and be sure to put your "LSD" trademark on it somewhere.
Nice skin. I like how this is set up to have the potential of being a working model. 9/10:tup: :tup:
how is this staying upright?! I DON'T UNDERSTAND IT!! 10/10
The muzzle has some ramps that are a different collision group than the slug. those ramps are for any kind of shot that needs to "spread," such as buckshot or the flechettes in this simulation. the shot needs an additional collision layer to collide with those ramps to spread. The slug does not have that collision layer, and so the slug will not interact with the ramps.
This scene is funny XD 10/10
oh, okay. Scripting...CHEATER!! (just kidding. awesome!!)
Hey, this works pretty well! I love that it does not fall apart as many of the guns around here sometimes do. Not really a fan of Call of Duty, but the rifle is pretty cool. I see you have another collision group unused (J). would you like me to build a trigger group that supports semi-auto? I could even make a full-auto of you want. 9/10:tup: :tup:
:tup: :tup: :tup: :tup: Nice, just needs to be able to run on its own. 9/10
you forgot millennia...Just kidding XD

I like the re-design features of this. It does not change much from the original design in terms of function, but it feels improved. Hey, I am an Algodoo gunsmith as well. I try to make weapons that work well, but I unfortunately am not the best with looks. I am about to upload a re-skinned, re-textured version of my NG-AR-1. If you are interested, would you mind having a look?

Oh, I almost forgot to rate this. 9/10:tup: :tup:

Happy crafting!
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