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thanx for playing-ik its nooby
sorry thecarediter but read the descriptcion i tryd to give you credit just forgot your name:( thats all
i really like dis one
thankjs fruitmonger i used your suber virus to make the explosive
ok... um oh yeah also PLZ try all my other sceanses, i bet youll like but im not counting on it so yeah AND also for me to claim my project over i got to have AT LEAST 10 enttrys so id be delighted to see you make an entry
just need to make less or no water come out whean thay fall in LOL
yep its bot balence... yeah
cool man thumbs up
cool consept all it needs is a rare spawn-batman
ok this is cool, its usfull as an obsrtickle--i think i acully want you to make one
a message to the creater: SPEAK ENGLISH STUPID AND ID GIVE IT A 10/10, INSTED OF A 5/5
or for other pll translate it
Benjii, why not make a rube goldburg, a domino goldburg, a clockwork goldburg, a marble race, a survive a sinking ship, survive tornado, survive war and a survive the disasters that uses the script menue to creat evry disaster u can think of in sereas with 1 min of each of them then a 50 sec breack
ill sub if u do dos and you tell me how
to sub
also plz no languge, my dad would get mad if lanquage, yes im not 5 or 6
do you look at this as a worm if you dont then what is it?
UPDATE:put the clapper in the right spott as suggested by Xray
also ik this is kinda nooby as in its easy to make and the cue ball can only go any diagnel or eny up down left right

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