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It's not a magnetic field it's more like electrical dipole -)
Lame. Did you ever see M1 ?
Приятно виденть тут наших, но машина фигня получилась =) подвеска никакая.
Скажи ему "gimp!", а то не все знают что у нас страна бесплатных фотошопов. :lol:
I don't understand why you keep making this 3d in 2d =) but it's looks cool for the first time. 8/10
How to improve huh, well, make better than that … oKkczkffZE
Completely nutz :bonk:
Yes, It's one of the phundamental physics problem in phun, I'll report more detailed about it. :(
Naaah, nothing special ;(
Never see suspension better than torsion (like on my BV-206)
Uh, man, be creative! It's rubbish.
Last edited at 2009/04/13 11:20:36 by Kilinich
In phunbox2 you can edit and update your scenes, no need to post it twice...
I've aready build same rocket with killer plane (you can easy land using different plane/collision group). You right, pals, new age of rocketry just begin =)
That was first thing I've try to build on beta5 with gears. Unfortunatly it can't be used with high speed/heavy load (like realistic vehicle) due to weakness of hinges and a lot of friction.:(
Recursion, recursion -) use two rateoffire1,2 and you can shoot both (canon+gun). Btw, did you see my "Tunguska"? I've made smoke effect of shooting too. 8/10
Did you try to search what was created before? <_<
Why use negative air friction?
can you make it realistic size / weight / hardness?
хочу танчиком по ней проехать :lol:
u r maniac :bonk:
btw - it is possible to update scene so fix than falling part.
Very good but maybe better add direction controller so pen don't fall
Difference is mine don't use game's engine glitch.
Noone likes it, i gues;) ok, I'll make it fly for real.
Too simple scene, need more realistic detail =) 7/10
Funny, but nothing like this in real toilet =) 7/10 for idea.
Didn't work. Too stretchy. Give cables more density and less friction.
Weight - 7kg??? Please make more realistic, I want smash it by my tank =)
Where is engine? Why 34kg? Why holes in wheel ark? 6/10
It needs more work. 6/10
You can make it better by add disattraction boxes for spawned circles.
And try to make it looks real engine! 7/10
Last edited at 2009/03/28 11:04:48 by Kilinich
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