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this still dosent work verry well
it keeps getting stuck plese fix it because it is not very good
this is really lame it so dosent work:(
I copyed the rectangle one and made it my scene in your face xray
faytree stop being so mean about it and stop swearing
I allready saw it and I agree that my scenes are not very good but I am trying my
I didnt copy from your scene
I made another scene by copying the rectangle one
I did not! I really didnt
I dont get it
cool scene
I am a compututer expert and I can tell where somthing has been copyed
I did not copy any ones scene
you just copyed minecraftguys scene
I came up with the idea all by my self and did not coppy any ones scene
it is very much like jell-0 but if you look at smosher v2 you
see how it is made
razor440 you are a newbe and have not made and any scenes to be more secsesful
make some scenes
so fake! all those green and red dots are holding it up
no it is not to do with scripting or legacy or hinges it is a secret trick i made i will make a demoi scean of how to do this soon and i will also do a star wars light saber fight!
xray is a minecraft hater!