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I used this engine in car and it maked appr 160 kmh. Tank does only about 100-120 kmh. Please notice, that 2-nd gear is lowest and 0-numbered is highest. Do not try sturm rocky mountains on 0-numbered gear.
I can't sovle the problem with crashing enging in little cars. Even with very hight density materials passes through each other. I'll be very thanks to anybody, who will advise me the desicion.
Intresting. Can it work wihout gravity and in other positions? Can it be attached to smth moving? Like car?
Very nice )
Aiming is perferct!
Try this one as an example. I had problem like yours. So I decided, than if I wount fix barrel to tank hardly, and instead of it I'll mount it with springs and hinges it construction will take some recoil energy. And i was right. It's far from perfect, but it works even if tank moves. Another feature in this tank is changing density of bullet after it leaves the barrel. So recoil force come from one bullet's dentisy, and bullet hits the target with much bigger force.
Just Perfect
It's.. beautifull. Can't even imagine how this thing works.