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I'm sorry.
The scene seemed a bit broken.
So now I've repaired the scene.

Please download it again.
To: Kilinich

I had not used 'k-probe', though I know.
Because I want to make the sensor with no '*'.
And because this is my exercise.:)
To: Kilinich

My sensor box is ...

- Easy to use.
put it on an object, that's all.
No Thyme programming is needed.
so anybody can use soon.

- Easy to duplicate.
you may use two or more sensors in same scene.

- Easy to customize.
If you are Thyme programmer, adding some function is not so difficult.
To get latest values from sensor, read textureMatrix of its box.
(hit the box with an object, and read e.other.textureMatrix in its onCollide)

last updated time = controllerAcc
e.pos = textureMatrix[ 0, 1 ] m
e.normal = textureMatrix[ 2, 3 ]
velocity = textureMatrix[ 4, 5 ] m/s
angvel = textureMatrix( 6 ) rad/s
heading = textureMatrix( 7 ) deg
drift = textureMatrix( 8 ) deg
To: Kilinich

My answer for your 1st question is YES, but also NO.
If you need '*', type something like the below in the box's onCollide:

(e)=>{ = textureMatrix }

It's simple.:)

I think phunlet developer should not use '*' if possible.
Because ...
- A phunlet user may want to use '*'
- A phunlet user may not be a Thyme programmer.
- A phunlet user may want to use many phunlets.
- A phunlet user may want to duplicate phunlets.

About RPM: MAX 60 rpm. Hmm... I'll challenge to improve it.
About acceleration: I don't know. Do you challenge?:)
I have not lasers because I'm phun user. :(
This is one of my old work which was made one years ago and had been forgotten...
A robot like a creature.
Oh! great!
Did you implement IK(Inverse Kinematics)?
Why don't you use normal ball? 9/10
Challenge to implement "remote sensing" instead of "beacon". :)
We can get multiple rays (spectrum) from a white laser by using prism.
Thus there is no need to use so much laser pointers for remote sensing, I think.
(Though, sensor within the ball is the best way for performance as you said. :) )
Sometimes, a ray refracts even if there is nothing...
Isn't it Algodoo's bug?
not laser's bug, but maybe CSG's bug...
(there were unseen garbage polygons):(
Nice. But unfortunately, memory is leaking during simulation. (Win7, Algodoo 1.8.0)
Do you know "clutch" ?
I confirmed it works well in Algodoo 1.8.0 and Phun 5.28.
Was the behavior of 'autoBrake' modified in 1.8.4?
It works well in Phun 5.28 and/or Algodoo 1.8.0.
I'll not support beta version of Algodoo because they are very unstable...
BTW, is the object's moment of inertia correct when there is no motor hinge?
:cry: uh... my boy...
The walk mechanism is a reconfigured Theo Jansen's leg system.

I'm considering that reconfiguring TJ's leg system makes it be able to reproduce various animal's walk cycle.

If reconfiguring could be done dynamically, gait pattern also will be dynamically switchable. :)
Only eyes and mouth are controlled by scripted motor.
The shaking tail is driven by motor via crank.
Any other mechanism are being hidden almost.:)
Check [Options]->[Layers], and see also the above youtube video.
Three pendulums A, B, and C are hanging on a string.
Their vibration is transmitted to each other via string.
(All pendulums are same so its "resonant frequency" is also same.)

This is not trick.
It is well known as "resonance" phenomenon in physics.
I recommend you to learn about "resonance" and "resonant frequency".
So beautiful...:D
my best is 12.3 sec.
Because Phun is enough for almost my work. :)

I'm aiming at a galloping dog, a multi-gait dog, and so on.
This scene is one of studies to reach to that. :)
@The Linkage
In other words, this shows that a complicated stability control may not be needed for gallop. (at least on flat road) :)
I've uploaded a scene by mistake. (New created scene had old AlgoboxID...:( )
So I uploaded old scene again. sorry.
(pseudo) drop-shadow was added.
No. The box is a canvas, and is not the shadow itself.
By measuring surface of ground, the shadow texture is scrolled and rotated automatically.
For now, I've replaced the shadow texture by an image with transparent background.
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