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i am not that good at it but i will try
tell me what it needs and i will try and fix it
the other swords are from different mods
i have only just figured out how to make it work
You can also land in the building
Yes please i have been trying to make it semi auto nbut i dont really know how
the image was blurred that i copied from
Thank you this is much appreciated and all of your other guns are amazing
esprcially the the NG-ar.

Also how do you make a pump action shotgun because i have been tryimg
to figure out a system on how to do it
I dont mind i think the i have figured out the semi auto fix sand how it operates
Thankyou this was very helpful 9/10
cool 10/10
very good but its a little laggy on my computer but its still very good 9/10
this is pretty good and i like the gun
it ment ''pull back the bolt'' sorry i was in a bit of a rush
try dragging it by the top and when the top part is in then grag it diaognally up and
This wasnt ment to work realistic by the way
Wow this is very realistic i like the gas piston you incorperated into it
my one wasnt ment to work realistic or anything like that only to liik real
ok but can you give me some suggestions on how to make it better/fix
this is great and the rellaiability is great but the trigger does go back all the way even on safe a bit like xrays problem but otherwise it is amazing 10/10
ok thanks
if i increase sim frequency it lags more
but ill iry it
ok sure but i still need to figure out whays wrong with the mags
Thank you this helped and im going to incorperate this into my design
i know i just need to ajust the density
i tried to use thrust vectoring to make it more realistic
but i didnt use flaps
wow great improvement will i be able to use it in one of my guns?
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