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Great Job!!! :lol: _o_
Hi Lucas, could i possibly bug you to develop a 2012 Nissan Maxima after the car you are currently developing? Please.:)
ATTENTION: It is not a Lamborghini! a Lamborghini would be more aerodynamic, not blocky like this, It is obviously a Volvo. :mad: People these days...
I MUST NOT LOSE MY CARGO!!! Oops, I lost it :| And good job by the way, Very realistic, It makes me happy :)
I have Algodoo 2.0.1 is this acceptable? It seems to work ok, but sometimes the hood doesn't collide with anything. :s
Yep, any time. Good job too.:)
Good job! Oh, and yeah Roman you have been gone a long time, Are you currently working on a scene?
Well, Another scene well done. :tup:
It's a little floppy and upon collision breaks a little too much. Maybe make it a bit more... Rigid. Otherwise it's not bad. ;)
*squish* LUCA NOOOO. I SHOULD HAVE LET YOU HAVE MY MILK INSTEAD OF THIS HAPPENING!!! (Luca is the name of a cat in an Xbox 360 Indie game called "No luca No" from where I got the name.)
Just like all of his cars...
Hey Jrderksen, Could I make this into a police car? Like repaint it and add a few things like a Headache guard? :s
I wish there was fire included as a tool.
The proper term would be "single shot" but it's still pretty good. :)
Alright thanks! I will make sure people see you made the car!
Alright, the Police car is up. Thanks again! :)
More better is not proper, better is though.
Last edited at 2012/08/18 15:31:05 by Algodoobro
Wow, I never expected so many downloads on either of my scenes, I know that isn't that many but it is for me.
Have you seen my version of Lucas' Mustang?
Coolcars, have you heard of Algodoo play?
HULK SMASH!! Good job btw. I know I am gonna get lots of hate for this but it works well on my Mac.
Incomplete, that's what it is.
Thank you! I am still looking for cars to modify right now... I don't have many ideas.
Uhm, I don't know, I am thinking of a modification for another one of Lucas' cars. :s
Oh that really ugly car. That sounds cool. :)
Yeah, it is like a 99 Tuarus, I think.
Last edited at 2012/09/13 01:50:33 by Algodoobro
Try making some of the hinges breakable, then the car will maintain the damage instead of bouncing back.;)
Hey, I have an Idea. Get a life and learn how to make your own scenes! Oh and I hope someone gives you a High-five for all of the "effort". To be specific, A High-five... to the face... with a metal chair!;) Hope it comes to ya soon, l0s3r!
You---> :bonk:
Why don't you go back to living in the Dumpster you were born in, Lukas. :grr: :tdown: :mad:
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