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he said 1911 style this is awsome but what I would love to see is a less sensitive pin reloadeble a pin lock so even if the hammer hits it its locked and wont move :)
wtf is this?
it sucks
Fail but it looks nice

edit: oh for display only
Last edited at 2009/08/09 19:32:08 by Alex22000
you idiot read description
heard of gravity?
why dont u make somthing to carry the bullet down to the chamber? like a small elevator the bullet goes into the elevator - elevator goes down - bullet goes out of elevator into chamber? I know I have the idea but it would be you who could make it work. I can post an example if you dont get it.
did you use my elevator idea?
Its awsome anyway but it looks like the idea I tried to give you on the unfinished one.

I looks a lot like how I thought it could work im going to be angry if you stole that idea and happy if great minds think alike lol.
Last edited at 2009/07/03 00:53:58 by Alex22000
this sucks you take a mechenisem made for a semi-auto sniper and copy it paste cover it with a bunch of shapes that make it look like an ak-47 you didnt even try to change the clip if you atleast modded the clip to look like one for an ak I would give you 3/10 but you didnt even do that its exactly like the sniper I hate it 0/10 :mad: :grr:
2 words


1. it doesnt work
2. this is old type of firing mech
3. reloading doesnt work

:tdown: :tdown: :tdown: :tdown: :tdown: :tdown: :tdown: :tdown: :tdown:
theres a hinge sticking the second clip to the backround plz fix that

sorry man just relized you made that mac 10 sorry
Last edited at 2009/07/12 23:55:22 by Alex22000
dude its a submachine gun
um... guys plz comment
meh I dont like how if you run out of power in the air you can still recharge but its pretty good 7 / 10

btw fancy party:P
can you make a pumpy shotty plz I I wanna see one especialy a m590 military or a m590 cqb
ndrummer what you meen to say is You wanna see it fail? athen turn it to 10x speed lol

it ubar fails on 10 x speed
but its nice
Last edited at 2009/07/16 01:32:21 by Alex22000
if you couldnt load the mag how did it shoot......
dezzeron I have phun 5.28 its white....
hey nubs let me know when you see a good shotgun on phunbox besides this
its hard to use I admit
but still awsome the next thing ide like to see on this is it being abel to reload even when its not empty:D

note: even if it doesnt work well you can reload when its not empty:D

oh and for being the first operational pump-shotgun 10/10

try for a spaz 12 next lawlies
or an m590 cqb
whatever you like im waiting to see your next good thing
Last edited at 2009/07/25 02:36:22 by Alex22000
I luv it cause it fails lawl its ok but wth is it...
I think you could put this into a crossbow... so when you pull the bow back it locks im going to make that basicly by combineing 2 of your things and adding a couplee of things nice work:D
... I made the blue rectangles move once but I cant get it now and grady plz I wanna understand this plz help me
... what does up and down do?
... make it bether so if you run out of power in the air you cant recharge anymore and also so theres a "fast mode" when the car goes realy fast but loses batery power about a qauter as fast as losing energy while flying
im sorry but...
casue Iwas boerd and their not my gates
this is terrible how simple and unrealistic it is :tdown:
very nice chain ive set my own chain to that my only dislike abou this chain is you cant realy use it with gears:/ 7/10
edit: no chain can realy do that so 8/10
Last edited at 2009/07/27 02:24:38 by Alex22000
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