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1 thing.
Increase the bounciness for more power!
The bullets have to be killers and collidate with F group.
I have downloaded ur scene and tried fixed it.

The problem is that pylogons r not good as wheels.
Because They begin to bounces around at high speed

Instead, I putet an circle into the wheel, it works much better.


The suspension set is not working very well.
It's hard and break easily.


The car looks brilliant. :tup:
and the problem is so small. :(

So i have made a fixed version, and if u want i can upload it.
Last edited at 2009/11/04 17:32:31 by S.B.P
Plzz rate and comment...
Thanks for all the good comments ...
And thanks for some critic ... :)

More detail - I can say that im still working on the project

Too much density - yes, you are right, perhaps I should put the density and friction down a little ...

But why are there some who rated it 1 / 10? :( That bad is my scene not!

BTW thanks for the rating and comment ...
Last edited at 2009/12/06 12:29:42 by S.B.P
Im pretty sure that the real Tiger Tank was with the FWD.. :)
Last edited at 2009/12/08 14:23:42 by S.B.P
Hmm maybe gearbox...
I dont know how to make the gun, maybe script, but im still newbie on that point.... :unsure:
Last edited at 2009/12/08 16:20:48 by S.B.P
There is nothing wrong with the look :) (so theres probably not what you need to work on)
instead you should try realistic weight ...

And because it is an offroad you should try to make soft tires and maybe a function there toggle 4wd on / off
perhaps a harder track

btw .... it looks super:tup: , and the suspension works fine:tup: , but need some features and real weight! ..

10/10 for the look.
But 7/10. for all... :)
Last edited at 2009/12/23 13:40:34 by S.B.P
I have made a lot of bounciness engines in my time...
Old phuners maybe remember a red pickup truck with v8 engine from phunbox 1 (dont work anymore)
That was my first god working engine....

After that i have made a lot of engines and my last one is my tractor...
But got tired of it because a bouncinesengines have a limited power ... and then i tried to make a springengine ... and it went very well ... :)
Not bad ...:)
I like the geometry in the trailer, but need more details.
And I am sure that the tractor could tow the trailer easier in that speed.
Maybe u should try to make it real weght? :P
Last edited at 2009/12/27 17:53:37 by S.B.P
My mustang has actually the same problem.
I was first noticed that after I read these comments... :s
Yeah, i like it....
But the new front lift is to big...
Next steps i think would be...
1. Real weight..
2. Different speeds.
3. Maybe more details...
Btw i like ur stuff :P
Why someone rate 1?! <_<
At least could the person tell why?!


Im not sure what u actually asking for?
Remember to press enter...
But u saying variable..

First of all u have to press F11 and write (or whatever u want)=a number... just remember
Last edited at 2009/12/31 16:12:00 by S.B.P
Nice scene... But the flatbed only weights 500 kg:s
Good choice of car and the body work looks fantastic ...:tup: :tup:
But it needs some details ...
And i miss the small mechanisms that you have made before like, braking and headlights, interior and that kind of stuff.
And where is the real weight? :unsure:

No, I will wait to rate because you say that you will update some of the things I miss ... :)

But right now 7 / 10
Hah i was bored. So I just tried to make the rims, and it went well ... If you want I can upload it ... I do not want credit
Ok i have re-uploaded my mustang....
Go some meters to the left (from the mustang) and u will find the rims... ;)
That is my engine and gearbox!!! :o:blink: And u dont give any credit:( <_<
Last edited at 2010/01/07 21:09:58 by S.B.P
Yeah it is my engine look at my tigertank's engine+gearbox and this 1...
He has just changed the color an removed the circle cakes.
The size, the look and density is still the same!!!

I usually have no problems with people using my stuff, so long as they ask, or at least give credit..

U did not any of them...
Last edited at 2010/01/08 23:27:59 by S.B.P
Yes, it was memories.:)
The first time I saw you was when you also made the lotus, and it was not the best impression I got there. Your comment I found really offensive, and I were little pissed off.
But yes now you seem cool.:cool:
Last edited at 2010/01/09 00:52:36 by S.B.P
got it lol:lol:
Last edited at 2010/01/09 00:47:15 by S.B.P
I was posting in the wrong scene...
Last edited at 2010/01/09 02:07:09 by S.B.P
This is very good, nothing bad to say:)
9.5/10 because it need something special, but im nice so i'll give u top rating:P
Good job...
ohh yeah thats true... Thank u:)
hayden.hanly what do u mean?
It's working fine for me?:s
Royalblue: Take a look on youtube, u can find a great tutorial.

Kilinich: Thank u very much, but what do u mean, the tach just set on max?? Are u running with algodoo or phun? The rest will i try to fix:+
Edit: Try with Phun, that should fix the most of the problems...

Dare: No im just making a circle and give it a center hinge, then im making the pylogons and fixate them to the circle and turn it around..

matawin3: Fixed.

Roman: Thanks:)

Mr. crash: I think that if u crash with a car IRL the speedo will not work perfectly:lol:
Last edited at 2010/01/13 19:32:56 by S.B.P
This is simply amazing, really realistic, great look, nothing bad (maybe a bigger track)
I drive tractor often, because I live on a farm, and it happens sometimes that I need to reserve a trailer.

But this is pretty challenging with that kind of tractor ( dont know what it's called on English) and that kind of trailer:bonk: .

But a brake would make i much easier.:)

Of course 10/10:D
Ohhh:o !!
I know whats wrong! :blink:
The tach+fuel does not work on Algodoo.... :(
Scripted springs just disapear in Algodoo.
Plzz try with Phun instead...
Last edited at 2010/01/13 19:56:04 by S.B.P
It's not as good as many of the other things you have done before (but it was also a side project)
It looks good, although you have spent so little time on it.

Suspension well explain how it works, but there is something I think that seems wrong.
-The wheelbase is too wide.
-Break to easily
-And i doens't belive that the wheels must run from side to side under pressure. Instead, I think that the little dark gray axle should not sit so loosely on top, instead had to sit in a small attached cylinder, so it only runs up and down.
(Hard to explain with my English:unsure: )
But still a very good scene:P
Last edited at 2010/01/17 12:37:10 by S.B.P
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