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Contest Entry

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Author: The Linkage

Group: Default

Filesize: 218.98 kB

Date added: 2015-04-26

Rating: 6.5

Downloads: 3796

Views: 416

Comments: 11

Ratings: 4

Times favored: 0

Made with: Algodoo v2.1.0


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Awesome rally car with an underpowered engine. Mind that this goes quite fast, so you should brake where you think it would go interstellar.
To use the adaptive suspension just press SHIFT and it will cycle through the three modes available- SAND, ROCK and MNTN.
You should use SAND, ROCK, MNTN, ROCK, SAND or whatever. I like it in that order.

SAND is harder and has less ground clearance
ROCK is stiffer but has less damping and a little more clearance
MNTN is very stiff but has a lot of clearance, so it adapts well to bumps and holes.

Try to shift up at 1000 rpm, use 1st gear at 45° slopes and drive carefully! Please don't use engine brake or you'll probably lose warranty.
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Good news - perfectly useable, fits all criteria.

Bad news - Sometimes the driver's seat will get deleted and he'll fall out of the car.

I'll test it tomorrow. I have to get off the computer now cause my mom's yappin' at me :lol:
Last edited at 2015/04/26 01:56:37 by pnvv
I'm on a crappy pentium notebook right now so I'm gonna put up with the mousepad tomorrow and fix the seat, but I found that the angVel of the wheel is limited by Algodoo. with a simple command I could lower the time from 400 to 357.06668!
I also found a loophole in your rules. lemme show you tomorrow
You have peak power from 500 to 700 rpm(225 Hp). At 1000 rpm it "only" produces 155hp. Maybe you can get an even better time by trying to keep the engine around 600 rpm as much as possible, but dont fall below 400 since at 400 rpm its down to ~200hp and 300 rpm ~165hp.:)

I measured this in 1st gear with the car on the rollers. With the Engine disconnected from the gearbox it produces 240 hp @ 600 rpm so in 1st gear the drivetrain efficiency is ~94%;) 2nd and 3rd is ~91%.

anyways, really nice build as always!:)
Nice work :tup: :tup:
Yeah. You used thrusters as downforce. I haven't got an issue with that, at least until people start abusing it :lol:

I also moved the seat like 0.08 m forward and it fixed the seat issue. Is that ok with you?
Last edited at 2015/04/26 14:36:52 by pnvv
I was gonna ask you about the thrusters since you didn't say anything about it ;) (like erasing the entire track with a killer box in front of the car xD) And yeah, you can either wait or do that and type sim.limitAngVel=+inf on the console

Thanks Christer for the testing! This was going to have only 1 gear (2nd gear) but with the increasing weight it had crappy acceeration. so I added 1st and 3rd and noticed that the engine only did 700-800 rpm on 3rd, so when I got rid of the angVel limiter it literally got shot at 50 km/h more :cool:
I mean, cars have downforce so that's realistic IMO.

And how did you only get 240 hp from a 200 kg engine? My "square" rotary will produce 300-350 hp and it's only 140 kg :s

But it's a really awesome engine though. Very smooth :tup:
That engine is old, uses a failed tech and has 2 hinges to link piston to crankshaft, and that reduces torque because of the damping they produce. With a rotary you'd be using 1 or none (like on the cheap starengine knockoff) so you'd have an op engine like rotary collision engines
if you decide it needs more power then you can borrow one of my rotaries (or just use that star engine knockoff)
My scene, my engine! It seems i'll have quite a lot of time to upload a second version of this since no one has uploaded yet.
I was originally going to ban having more than 1 entry, but I think of all 12 entry slots being filled before I die of old age is pretty low, so go ahead :)