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Swiss Army Tank

screenshot of the scene

Author: phunbox1 (Frank)

Group: phunbox1

Filesize: 197.29 kB

Date added: 2008-11-25

Rating: 5.5

Downloads: 398

Views: 1319

Comments: 9

Ratings: 10

Times favored: 0

Made with: Phun


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This is a multi-day project I undertook to make a tank that could complete every or at least nearly every obstacle course in the entire Phunbox. This PHUNLET contains a great all-terrain tank and a wide range of weapons and tools you can tack on depending on the mission.

Based initially off very early tanks for a simple shape that will overcome almost any obstacle, I made it very heavy and gave it unbreakable balloon suspension. Then I added a tail to reduce flipping and make the vehicle capable of self-righting when it does flip. The tail can also be used to manipulate the body for rock-climbing courses, although they are not this tank`s specialty. You can fold the tail into the body of the tank to better fit for size-limited courses, and it will flip right back upon sim start. It`s usually necessary to scale the tank up for most missions, and the folding ability lets you get that size edge. CONTROLS: A and D to drive, S to brake. Q and E control the tail. Z to mirror, but remember that you will have to set the mirror key for any equipment you want to mirror with it.

When equipping the tank, take note that it`s best to move the hull to front.

Jump unit: pretty straightforward, tack onto the bottom of the hull and press W to use. Each arm has two springs, so make sure all four springs are tacked onto the hull.
Offroading Belly: no controls, just tack this zero-friction surface onto the bottom and front of the tank to reduce the jarring affect of bottoming out the suspension without making the tank slide all over the place every time it flips over.
Stabilising Bar: for use with the crane arm to make it harder to tip your tank. Wheel is linked with drive wheels. Press 4 to drop it after you`re done.

Cannon: this single-shot gun is pretty powerful and accurate. Tends to fail when attached with a hinge or to anything lighter than the hull, so the best way to aim is by manipulating the hull angle with the tail,...
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Dammit, it didn't tell me it would cut off my description. I'll continue it here.
Cannon: fire with ENTER, drop with 2 when you're done with it. You probably want to tack it on at the angle you plan on using it.
Kamikaze Speeder: Press 1 to release and watch it do its thing. It's heavy, expendable, and twice as fast as the tank. Use your imagination.
INFINITY GUN: I could have devoted a whole scene to this one. Inaccurate and short range, but you can shoot this thing as many times as you want. T and Y to aim, F to shoot G to sweep the magic boomerang bullet back into the barrel. This gun will need lots of tweaking when scaled, and works much better at large scales. It may be possible to use as a grappling hook.
Bomb: pretty straightforward, press 3 to release and B to blow up. May want to attach it to something else to use more effectively, use your imagination.
Crane Arm: not too ingenious but entirely functional. H and N to rotate, J and M to telescope, K and (,) to turn the second joint (which you may or may not need/want to bother with). Press 4 to drop when you're done wit it. Comes with your choice of heads:
Gripping Claw: open and close with L and (.). The wheels help pull things into your grip, but may prove unnecessary or a hindrance depending on the mission.
Climbing Hook: useful for rock climbing, you may just want to attach it straight to the hull with a joint rather than mess around with the crane arm. The wheel is linked with your drive wheels and may or may not be necessary.

Flying Drones: open and close the cargo bay with R. Your choice of drones, and both are controlled with the arrow keys.
Chain Snake: Fast, simple, heavy. This is a pummeler with no grace. It can also foul machinery to some degree.
UFO: small, maneuverable, stable (with a LucidLiquid stabilizer), also has wheels for ground movement. This one is way cooler and easier to drive, but probably not as useful. DOWN will brake the wheels. Careful not to hit it too hard or the stabilizer will go nuts.

Rocket: with its current settings it will propel the tank to fifteen times its drive speed. It can be used as a flying tool, a speed booster, or a projectile if you make your own launcher and tone it down a bit. Tack on the bomb for an ICBM. You can control its trajectory curve some by moving the top wheels from side to side. Press 5 to drop after use.
Damn, boy! :o :lol: :lol: -_- -_- -_-
wow this shit is good 25/5 :P
Ima so sorry, but i don't get how to attach any of the attachments lol. especially the jump thing and the offroad belly... pls help!
:( need help:(
Select the whole thing and drag it to where you want on the body/hull. You'll have to move the hull to the front to expose the area where the lower-body parts go. Some of the fixates might be broken and you might have to remake them, too.

Also, testing failure on my part. The drones and the hull collide. They will need to be moved to a different collision set to be used.
Also, the jump unit spins the wrong way and works better on rough terrain if you only use the one with the hinge on the left. Silly me, now I HAVE to do a Swiss Army Tank V2. I'll also make the drone box less prone to breaking.
You would probably get better ratings on this if you put the tank together. I want to see what it is, not put it together myself. If someone wanted to make the tank themselves, then they'd probably have more fun using their own parts.