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Luka's Deluxe MR pack v0.7

screenshot of the scene

Author: Luka

Group: Default

Filesize: 1.04 MB

Date added: 2015-01-28

Rating: 5.8

Downloads: 17278

Views: 1725

Comments: 26

Ratings: 3

Times favored: 0

Made with: Algodoo v2.1.0


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No, my pack isn't fixed anymore!!
First to note - This is a new pack, it does not have as much stuff as other do, but this one is trendy.

* Organized stuff
+ Added Small Bowls
+ Added Spinning Star, Circle, Box and Hexagon
+ Added Fountain
+ Added Shower

Yet to add:
+ Pipes
+ Pen Pipe
+ Spinning Bottle

v0.5 - Semi-major release
+ Added Large Organizer
+ Added Launcher
* Unglued the alternators from the 3-way small alternator (thanks to austin9700 for finding out)
* Turned off grid

v0.46 - Minor release
* Swapped Pink's and Gray's names to correct places (thanks to Kyle3912 for finding out)
* Reddie is now brighter due to possible confusion with Red

v0.45 - Semi-major release
+ Added Double Alternator
+ Added Smooth Elevator
+ Added Multi-Multi Multi Bowl
* The marble holder needs 3 marbles instead of 4-5
* Marble holder is now grouped
Last edited at 2015/03/05 20:33:53 by Luka
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I found a mistake
Pink and Gray's names need to be swapped
Huh, how did that one come out?:lol:
You forgot to do it.
Add a elimination thing i need it !:(
Did you add it to your Split Package? Second, you used your old stuff...
I Dont think that should be usefull, but you can create a big organizazer.
I dont know, something like that 😕
Kyle3912 - Removed the update where it is fixed, I'll fix it on the next update.
bossay6 - You want another type or what?
dylan7 - No this one is a special pack. And so what?
theracer5000 - What?
Um... There is something wrong with the 3-Way Small Alternator:(
They were glued to the background. Blame the "Auto-glue to background":lol:
"Big organizazer" 😑
Luka, the text of transparent yellow is bad.
Its transparent yellow, not yellow 😐
And also transparent purple
Transparent purple is angry ➡️👿
I want "Dark Orange " to renane to Copper.
And Dark Yellow to Old Gold and add Transparent Hot Pink and Kosovo flag
Can you fix the borders in the transparent circles for the spinning things?
Why Kosovo?
i like the flag.
and where is the spinning box??
something wrong withbthe starting line. the axle is a brake.
The ultimate organizer sometimes has marbles stuck to it for some reason.
I don't know why!
uh Luka? I don't want to be rude or anything but.........DID YOU SEE MY COMMENT!!!! RIGHT ABOVE!?!?!?!?!
When you come to out the pipe,pen pipe and spinning bottle?
I want that more.
Bluie is missing in the circle starting machine of the 69-marble pack.
I want to the elimination at your's marble race season 4
please upload this.
Bluie is missing from the circle thing with marbles in it. Also Hot Pink is in there and dosent belong.
i found a mistale
the title says V0.7
the text in the beggining says versoin 0.6
6t3443 - There's something else wrong with it; did you see Magenta102's comment?