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Mossburg 500 Tuned

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Author: Gent

Group: Default

Filesize: 59.6 kB

Date added: 2014-11-30

Rating: 6.8

Downloads: 3474

Views: 418

Comments: 5

Ratings: 5

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Made with: Algodoo v2.1.0


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I have been working with ngphil's excellent shotgun some.
In part trying to learn a few things for my own gun progect;)
1st mod: increased the sim frequency to 300 which increased reliability some, tried 400 hz but that actually hurt the muzzle velocity, more on that later.
2nd was modding the ammunition, changed the spring length to 20m,
spring constant to 2800 and the weight of the white wad was changed to minimum slider value. Also changed the killer mass at the end of the barrel to minimum slider value.
These mods increased the muzzle velocity from 90ms to 325ms!
However the increased velocity caused the muzzle flash to fail to
work along with other issues...
3rd mod: the massively increased case pressure was knocking the bolt back enough that the bolt lock was failing to disengage, this was solved by increasing the target length of the hammer spring to 3m which resulted in the trigger motor not being strong enough to break the sear so....
4 increased the motor torque on the trigger to 5000nm.
5 changed the collide group on the laser to C only and increased the fade length quite a bit and changed it to almost invisible to ensure the muzzle flash gets triggered every shot.
6 changed the density of the box the loading plate hits on to 5000
to hopefully prevent them passing thru each other, rare problem.
Also added a bit of attraction to the polygon the shell hits when it comes out of the magazine which seems to help with feed issues.
7 added some restitution to the ejector and changed its position slightly also reduced the mass of the red part of the shells 50%
which seems to help the ejection quite a bit but still somewhat random depending on the speed the slide is racked...
I had a lot of fun playing with and "trying" to improve this!!!
Thanks and all credits to ngphil for the great shotgun _o_
Last edited at 2014/12/01 00:04:48 by Gent
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Mossberg 500 ngphil 6.7 (5 votes) 6631 5 2014/11/27 03:27:43
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Do you get ngphil "licence" ?
There's a group of people who doesn't ask for credit. He's not doing any harm anyways, actually he's improving it so Phil should thank him anyways (from that point of view)

Apart from that, it works MUCH better! Apart from the frequency thing it is awesome at reloading a shell. good job! :tup:

P.S: And the carbine? Guess you ain't got a lot of free time, do you?
Thanks The Linkage and wh33ljack!
I'm just having some fun and trying to help;)
Not trying to step on anybody's toes or insult anyone!
If ngphil doesn't like this I will gladly delete it!!!
And yea Linkage I don't have much free time:bonk:
I spent hours modding and testing on this alone:bonk:
PS I gave credit to ngphil at the start and end of the
description maybe I should put in the scene too???
Last edited at 2014/12/04 02:01:10 by Gent
Why didn't I see this? I'm glad you made improvements! This works incredibly well, so thank you for doing this! Subbed and rated:)